The names of the figs for the house

The names of the ficus

Perhaps the ficus — the exotic plants that appeared in the Soviet establishments and apartments residents of the USSR.

But this plant, in turn, during the Block and Mayakovsky became a symbol of middle class.

Although they kept the house for a reason – they tend to restore the health of the indoor air.

The fashion for large plants of ficus back to its former popularity.

Fortunately, and varieties of this flower became more. And to navigate, you need to know at least the names of figs.

The types and names of figs

Mulberry plants subtropical and tropical zones look very decorative in domestic homes. Nor do they require a special care. So you can furnish your apartment different types.

Ficus Benjamin. This kind of considering that the plant brings good luck to the house. Externally is a small tree with small, delicate, leathery leaves. Each of them has a special hole, where water flows down.

Ficus tiny. This representative is cultivated basket way, because he has no solid trunk base.

If you plant the ficus in outdoor-table, the curly roots will travel along the surface. Small leaves with veins have a tendency to change, «succumbing to cravings» for asymmetry.

Ficus lyrate. The simplest of this family, and will suit even novice gardeners. The maximum height of which reaches a ficus of about half a meter. Leaves with pronounced veins, have wavy edges and is similar to poplar.

Ficus plusheviy. This instance and the ficus is hard to call – so it is small (the leaves reach a size of not more than 1 cm).

The stalks of the plants are quite short, but the leaves are covered with papername. The name of the ficus tree already determines the primary method of placement is a basket wavy or crept along the wall.

Ficus repens. The peculiarity of this plant is the presence on its underside of small branches of the roots with suction cups. Thanks to them, ficus independently recorded on different surfaces, spreading to the walls or furniture.

Ficus blunt. Has a very interesting look. Why the East with Benjamin, but it is only at first glance. In height grows slowly, pulling more branches to the side.

The name ficus is derived from the shape of the thick leaves, their ends slightly blunted. Therefore, they have no grooves for water drainage. Another feature of this plant is the presence of aerial roots.

Ficus elastic. Has a very decorative appearance, and in adulthood are more like mini-tree due to direct solid trunk.

But, deciding to have this kind of plants, do not forget that it allocates enough poisonous milky juice. Therefore, in homes with young children contain a ficus should not be.

Ficus rough. For this plant features large leaves (10×20 cm) with wavy edges and bristles on the surface.

Unique looks spotted coloration: marble blotches with white veins on a dark green background. And he has no aerial roots.

Ficus in your home

The names of the ficus

This plant came to us from the East. And there the representatives of nature are not separable from the science of Feng Shui, which is popular now in our country.

Now you know the name of ficus and their brief descriptions.

Choose what you prefer (or fits in your home) and attract good fortune into your home with the help of this amazing plant.

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