The most fragrant garden flowers on your favorite country

fragrant garden flowers

Passing by several houses, can feel a pleasant aroma, this scented garden flowers and herbs that have not only beautiful appearance, but also bring us the pleasure of their fragrance.

Many of the fragrant flowers, known to almost every gardener, but with nothing to confuse other less popular, but nevertheless, they also caress our sense of smell and have a positive impact on the body.

Fragrant flowers in combination with other beautiful garden plants help relieve fatigue, stress and just calm down. In this article we describe the most fragrant flowers for the garden.

Fragrant garden flowers

Peonies – herbaceous milky floral varieties of these flowers are very fragrant and very naughty. They are usually placed in the center of the flower beds or garden.

Need spring fertilizing with complex fertilizers. It is advisable to make a small fence to keep the bushes collapsed.

On the sides of the pions, can be placed the fragrant tobacco. It blooms and depletes the flavor is almost all summer. It is better to plant seedlings, since our winters, it does not stand. Also need fertilizing with manure or compost.

Even some fragrant flowers of meadowsweet (Filipendula). The plant is tall with a powerful honey aroma. The main feature of meadowsweet is pruning of shoots after flowering, because the plant goes dormant. Winter bravely.

Also in the center next to the peonies look great Phlox. If the seeds of these flowers to sow for the winter, the frozen soil in the summer they bloom. After sowing hradecka should be warmed.

They also need support so that they are not perished. The flowers are perennials, so lush flowering, simply pinch out the tops.

Another very fragrant and beautiful flowers – marigolds. They are best planted in the front garden plan. Special care does not need them, only be fed after blooming buds to flowering was not liquid.

They are able to deter some garden pests.

Aromatic fragrance all over the bed provides the fragrant mignonette. She’s plain, so it can be put between brightly flowering plants.

It is so whimsical, care absolutely requires, and even reproduces itself. Importantly do not forget in the fall to remove the excess sprouts emerging.

The edges of the front garden will look great violet scented. Incense this baby will be felt in almost every corner of the garden. If after flowering, cut off the leaves, the flowers will bloom again.

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