The most dangerous disease of watermelons and how to beat them

disease Anthracnose of watermelon

Of diseases of watermelons, the most dangerous are: Fusarium wilt, powdery mildew, bacteriosis, Anthracnose.

All these diseases mainly develop in wet weather in a damp environment.

If the stairs do not grow and the oppressed, some are killed, then most likely it is a manifestation of Fusarium.

On adult plants starts wilting on one string and gradually the whole plant. When you cut an infected stem is clearly visible brownish vessels.

In wet weather, appears pinkish, or white bloom. Infection occurs from the soil from the residues of the previous harvest or poor preparation of seed.

The fungus begins to develop at high humidity and under compacted soil. The best way to prevent this disease of watermelon, loosening the soil and destroying weeds.

In second place is Anthracnose. Also active development receives a high humidity of about 90%, and a temperature of 25ºC.

A sign of defeat of plants is the appearance of rounded brown spots that develop into ulcers.

The infection spreads instantly, and the fruits begin to rot. Anthracnose is mainly transmitted by seeds.

Only high-quality preparation of a sowing material, can guarantee the safety of the crop.

Powdery mildew, to a lesser degree affects watermelons than the previous one, but nevertheless from-for sharp jumps of temperature in daytime and night time can begin to progress.

The symptoms of this disease of watermelons appear in the form of separate spots of white, which gradually turn and capture the entire surface of the plant.

The fungus begins to develop at high humidity and condensed moisture (fog). Yet some enemies of watermelons – root rot. Defeat happens in greenhouses and outdoor.

disease bacteriosis of watermelons

As a rule, suffer from this weak plants in soil with the formation of the crust. Seen the brown stairs, the leaves wither. Adult plants of the watermelon root system rots.

Blame the fungus-polysaprobic. Can be located in the seeds or garden soil. To combat these diseases of watermelon is sufficient to observe agronomic practices.

Good preparation for sowing seed, to observe the rotation, that is in the same place to grow not earlier than in five years, the landing area must have sufficient lighting and is well warmed soil.

Soil application of mineral and organic fertilizers in required doses, for growing strong plants.

Under these rules, you will avoid the use of chemicals, will minimize the occurrence of diseases of watermelon.

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