The most dangerous disease of strawberries

disease strawberries

The major and most dangerous diseases of strawberries are gray mold, late blight, powdery mildew and leaf spot.

The danger of these diseases stems from the fact that from them there is no effective fungicide for this crop, because the peak of the disease falls on the period of ripening berries.

Therefore, the growers can hope to maintain a healthy crop only by observing special precautions and the rules of growing strawberries.

The basic conditions of farming, it’s wide aisles, to ensure good produvaemosti plantations and straw (mulch) that protects the berries from contact with soil.

Disease strawberries

 Gray mold (Botrytis)

A fungal disease that damages the entire aboveground part of the strawberry. The disease can develop not only on living tissues and on the rotting remains of plants.

Also Botrytis spores are in the soil and on its surface. In favorable conditions, the disease is able to cause massive lose of strawberries and crop damage.

The first symptoms of the disease of strawberries have softened brown spots that cause decay and very quickly grow. Within a week of berries can be covered with dense gray bloom, which contain large number of spores.

They, in turn, scatter, affecting the neighbouring healthy plants. The peduncles also produces spots, which gradually cover them with a dense ring.

Late blight (leathery rot)

Another dangerous disease of strawberry that can reduce yields by 20%, and in some cases even completely destroy the crop.

As with previous disease, late blight affects the whole plant, but most damage the fungus causes fruit. Already in Mature berries appear brown solid spots.

The affected areas become firm and hard to be separated from the main part of the fetus. They taste bitter. Unripe fruits are mummified gradually. The active development of this disease of strawberry, contributes to increased humidity.

The fungus is in the soil and waits for favorable conditions to spread. The role of protection from the fungus can carry mulch. Dry chopped straw, will also help to protect the strawberries from Botrytis.

Powdery mildew

The widespread disease of strawberries. Also affects all above-ground shoots, covering them with a white powdery bloom.

Affected by the disease leaves stiffen and the edges curl. The appearance of strawberries is reminiscent of drying plants from lack of moisture.

On fruits, the fungus appears only on susceptible to the disease varieties. It is recommended to select resistant to powdery mildew of strawberry varieties.

Leaf spot

Also a fungal disease that appears on leaves in the form of various stains. Often there are brown, white and brown mottling. Crop protection is necessary to select varieties resistant to the disease.

Important thing diseases of strawberries are clearing land from the remains

disease strawberries

the sick and old bushes.

Affected fruits Botrytis and Phytophthora immediately collected and buried away from the vegetable garden to a depth of not less than 50 cm

It is also important to protect strawberries from disease to observe the planting scheme, and to prevent thickening. The distance between plants should be at least 70 cm.

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