The moon’s influence on plants and the use of the lunar calendar in horticulture

lunar calendar gardening

For many centuries people lived in deep harmony with nature.

People were engaged in agriculture and watched the rhythms and laws of life of plants and animals.

Heightened senses, careful observation of the moon taught our ancestors to calculate the right time for planting, watering and caring for crops.

Findings scientists confirm mankind in the distant past lived according to the lunar calendar.

Growers can easily determined the best time for a successful planting, harvesting, and it was noticed that the moon takes place these days, always the same constellations. Farming experience grew and was passed down from father to son.

With the development of industry and pharmaceuticals, increasingly began to resort to the help of technology and various fertilizers.

Lunar calendar and knowledge of parents ignored, all more of a matter of talking about the superstition.

Contact with nature was lost. From this moment on, humanity became involved in the unconscious destruction of the environment.

Many modern gardeners can’t imagine growing vegetable and horticultural crops without the aid of fertilizers poison the soil.

And agriculture to exploit the earth ruthlessly with the use of pesticides. The result of this can be seen in stores, the quality of the products leaves much to be desired.

All these reasons truckers again forced to seek the assistance of the lunar calendar. Sooner or later humanity must return to the experience of ancestors, to exploit nature is not infinitely possible.

As long as we can on their own plots to grow vegetables and fruit according to the lunar calendar, to exclude the «chemistry» and to achieve a good harvest. Because ancient people did not use fertilizers.

Gardeners, florists and gardeners are increasingly began to follow the advice of the lunar calendar. And the results were not long in coming.

Almost all were faced with strange things at the cottage. The same seeds were sown in the same conditions, but at different times, equally watered, cared for, and the result is different.

It is impossible to explain why in the freak potatoes, and in the neighborhood there. Maybe just don’t follow the advice of the lunar calendar?

Of course, fully expect a month is not necessary, if you just stop to care for the plantings, control pests, and to make organic fertilizer, expect radical changes and a big crop is not necessary.

Everything has to be complex. Over time, the soil in your cottage «reconstructed» and restored the balance of nature, you just have to try.

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