The methods of grafting fruit trees

The methods of grafting trees

Owners of small garden plots often complain about the limited space – there is no way to put a wide variety of cultures.

Breeders have been developed an original method of propagation of fruit trees (pears, apples, cherries, plums, etc.) by the method of inoculation.

It is the principle of the adaptation of parts of one kind (or species) to another.

And some cultural lodovici the only way and may exist in Amateur suburban areas.

The methods of grafting trees

Main methods of vaccination there are 3. Everything else is modifying them. But to get a good result of the grafting, should follow such a rule: different types of rootstock and Scion must belong to the same family.

Budding is a method of grafting buds of one plant under the bark of another. However, this takes not just a kidney is cut and a small part of the stem.

Looks like kidney is located on a small plate. It is inserted into the incision of the bark (T-shaped) of the selected rootstock.

The size of the flap should be such as to made the edges of the top risks (excess should be cut). Vaccination is tightly tied with any available material (twine, polyethylene, rubber band, etc).

But it should be done carefully, in order not to affect the kidney itself, otherwise it will not survive. About the result of grafting fruit trees can learn in 2 weeks. If the kidney is green, and the leaf spine disappears, so all is well.

Cuttings is another way of grafting on fruit trees. A Scion is a shoot apical branches, which shall not be less than 3 buds.

To prepare the cuttings for grafting in advance and store in a dark place. This method has several methods of grafting cuttings to padway:

With the help of mitre cuts. It is used in the case when both «participant» vaccinations (and the Scion and rootstock) have the same diameter. They do the same sections (one angle), which connect with each other. The binding is performed in such a manner that between the parts without gaps.

If the difference in diameters is significant better graft fruit trees a way to do the scheduling. The Scion is cut from the parent branch so that the base turned out wedge.

In a prepared place on the rootstock, make a recess corresponding in shape and it is inserted into the handle, clearly the linking part.

Another method of grafting cuttings – in splitting. In the middle of the horizontally sheared the stock do a vertical incision, which is then cleaved.

The split in this is inserted the Scion. To better it there were, the cut on the Scion should be oblique. A safer option was to splice parts

The methods of grafting fruit trees

you need to ensure a snug fit smooth cleaned surfaces of the slices.

Alektorova is also called convergence. That is, in this method, grafting of fruit are not separated from the branches of trees. The plants must grow close to each other, touching branches.

On the trunks of the branches are cut small sections of wood with bark. These slices of the branches of the Scion and rootstock and pressed primatyvajutsja.

Inoculation convergence is used when you cannot use other methods because of the poor compatibility of rootstock and Scion, and, if the garden of low growing trees.

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