The maintenance of indoor plants lighting

lighting indoor plants

Experienced growers know that to maintain indoor plants, it is necessary to create favorable conditions.

In addition to watering, fertilizing and combating diseases and pests is very important to ensure proper lighting, then the flowers will develop better, and more resistant to diseases.

Plants are divided into light-demanding, shade-tolerant and shade.

Some need protection from direct sunlight. Sunlight penetrates the Windows and illuminates the plants from one side only.

In nature, flowers get sunlight from above, also occurs in greenhouses and flower beds with a transparent roof.

Plants are on the windowsill in the refraction of light and partial absorption by the glass, and receive only about 50% of the light. Remote from the window into the room at 2 m only about 7%.

A lot depends more on the situation in the room. If the furniture and Wallpaper, dark, colors get even less light.

In the summer for keeping indoor plants some species have to pritisnite from the sun.

For indoor plants are also important such parameter as duration of daylight. In relation to the length of daylight colors are divided into long-day, short-day and neutral.

Growers that contain houseplants a long day, noticed that such flowers when permanent lighting can all year round to grow, to bloom and bear fruit.

Short-day quite a 8-10 hour photoperiod, longer daylight causes abundant leaf growth.

There are plants that require alternating periods of short and long days. Bloom comes to them only after the change period, either in spring or in autumn. Some bloom only in the winter.

At the end of September the plants should be transferred to the state of rest or apply artificial supplementary lighting using fluorescent lamps.

The backlight includes dusk and bring the daylight up to 11-12 hours.

Location of the room colors must be constant, once the plant gets used to the lighting and their place should be avoided permutations.

Try all light demanding species contain a window shade in the room, but preferably with supplementary lighting.

Some plants thrive in the course of several years and under the bulbs .

For keeping houseplants is also very important to follow the recommended temperature.

This will be discussed in the next article — influence of temperature for plants.

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