The loft at the dacha with his hands

Loft at the cottage

A small house, and even with a loft is an indispensable attribute of any suburban area.

The standard six acres is hard to build something larger, because in addition to buildings, the country needs to be a full-fledged vegetable garden.

To build the loft with his own hands is not difficult, important to determine the sequence of operations.

The construction of the attic is best done during the construction process of the house. Where do you start?

The Foundation

Because the depth of freezing of land is on average 90 cm, for the Foundation you need to dig a ditch depth of 1 m. it is Recommended to do a monolithic Foundation is poured at one time.

This avoids different kinds of cracks. After the solution has dried, it is placed on the waterproofing layer to prevent excessive wetting of the walls. This can be a common roofing material.

If the territory of the suburban area, there is no stagnation of water, the cap raise to a height of half a meter. The inner part of the cap, you can fill in remnants of debris that will become a basis for insulating the floor.


The walls and ceiling

The wall house you can build out of foam. As insulation using mineral wool. Outside and draped the walls with siding.

For ceilings perfect I-beam, and improve the rigidity of the slats. They are placed at a distance of approximately 1 m from each other.

All the parts together twist wire is better than steel, also suitable metal mesh. To fill the ceiling will need a cement-sand mortar. The cheapest and less effective material is the slag from the boiler room.


For the construction of the attic with their hands will need wooden bars 100×100 mm. Subsequently they need to be attached to the rafters. To make the job easier, the loft is better to make a rectangular.

Frame this design also in wood. The construction of the frame is made from bruskov 120×60 mm, they are placed at a distance of about half a meter. Based on their filled to the ceiling with wood blocks.

The following is the teaching of Stroy for him to hold the straps of wooden elements, which later become the basis for the bilge system.

On these boards, attached directly to the frame for the walls of the future attic. Mount operate a screwdriver. Length of screws 120 to 150 mm and a diameter of 3.8 and 4.2 mm, respectively.

Any design needs insulation, and the attic is no exception. As a thermal insulator, you can apply the same mineral wool, which had insulated the walls of the house.

The loft at the dacha with his hands

But in this case, you need to think about a vapor barrier. For interior decoration you can use battens, plywood, chipboard, fiberboard, etc.

That’s basically all. It would not have said the construction of the attic with their hands difficult case, do not be afraid of difficulties. No one ever says that everything is done with one hand.

The key to any business is the desire and of course time. Work will be performed much faster if to call to the aid neighbours or close friends. The result is an economical version of extension of living space, and with minimal costs.

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