The Lily — planting and care

The Lily - planting and care

Among the variety of lilies of the cultivars are grown only in greenhouses in mind their poor winter hardiness.

In the open ground can be cultivated tubular, curly, Orleans and Asiatic hybrids.

But their winter needs to be insulated, covering it with compost or humus with a minimum thickness of 10 cm.

From above it is recommended to put a layer of leaves.

Lilies — planting

Lilies prefer loose soil, enough nutrients, with a neutral reaction. But I can easily carry and light acidity.

If the soil is heavy enough, the hole for planting bulbs should not be deep.

The place for planting lilies, you should choose lit. But the light falling on the flowers must be scattering. Although lilies can grow in partial shade.

Multiply lilies in a variety of ways, have their own characteristics:

— Daughter bulbs should be separated during the fall transplant. Place the trim should be sprinkled with powdered charcoal. On a new place young Lily blooms for 3 years.

— Kids are drawn also in the autumn, after the stem of the Lily is completely dry. To «the kids» had more summer flower should be more Spud. The plant material recommended in the winter to keep in the drawer with sand and planted in the ground only in spring.

— Scales for planting are taken from sufficiently Mature lilies that have already bloomed for 2 years. Once the Lily Bud, a bulb dig up, gently remove the scales and open the «body» sprinkled with powdered charcoal.

«Naked» bulb returns to its place, and scales sent in a seedling box with zemlesmes. When you see «kids» (after 2 months), they are separated and planted in the ground. If scales are not depleted, they can again be placed in a box for growing the next batch.

— Leaf cuttings are also used for growing small bulbs. The leaves dropped by half length in an inclined position in zemlesmes, sprinkled on top of wet sand. A box covered with glass or plastic wrap.

When the cuttings appear Lily bulbs, the shelter is removed. But they are planted outdoors only for the next year, while continuing to hold under greenhouse conditions.

Regardless of the manner in which Lily reproduces, when planting planting material in the open ground should comply with the scheme. The distance between the individual plants must be at least 25 cm between rows – not less than 65 cm.

Lilies care

Primary care of the lilies is in compliance with the moisture regime. High humidity is necessary to plant in early summer.


The Lily - planting and care

will need to be watered often. And since mid-July, you can go to moderate watering lilies – 1 time in 20 days.

The first slurry is applied to the soil before planting lilies. This should eliminate fresh manure.

Further regular feeding is carried out depending on the growth stage of the flower: budding, nitrogen fertilizer in the future – phosphorus-potassium.

When caring for lilies, it is also necessary to monitor the purity of the flower bed regularly to control weeds and loosen the soil.

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