The life force of plants

the healing properties of plants

Modern medicine considers any illness introduction in the human body pathogenic microorganisms.

Therefore, the treatment is destruction. The symptoms are suppressed by medication, but, forgetting that for prolonged use they have a negative impact.

People are able to escape, but for this it is necessary to create certain conditions.

Plants endowed with the properties that are needed for healing. Herbs can be used alongside medicines. Besides all the useful plants you can grow at his dacha.

There are herbs that help to recover from illness, they called innediately. It: eucalyptus, mint, oregano, calendula, conifers, thyme, clover.

The nature of different plants with identical abilities. For example, St. John’s wort and BlackBerry. They have identical properties, but different characters.

St. John’s wort has a very strong cleansing of the body. St. John’s wort will not be useful if it is applied in large quantities. And BlackBerry and gives. It is soft, but very strong, however, as St. John’s wort.

The dosage of any plant depends on a person’s age, severity of condition and effective strength. Plants have a mild effect and gradual. They don’t apply a lot from this man would not recover.

For example, the curative properties of some plants. Analgesics is chamomile, peppermint and Catnip cat.

To antihistamine remedies include the bark of viburnum, marigold, mullein ordinary. Antimicrobial plant garlic, myrrh, Echinacea.

Antispasmodics Humulus lupulus, skullcap, chamomile. Anise, peppermint, fennel – carminative. Astringent – is the root of sorrel, raspberry leaves, oak bark.

  • Diaphoretic is a ginger root, lemon balm, sage.
  • Diuretics are nettle, plantain, burdock root.
  • An expectorant is a sage, mother-and-stepmother.
  • Antiparasitic remedies garlic and thyme.
  • To wound healing include aloe, calendula, comfrey.
  • The root of licorice is, first of all laxative.
  • Helps with the metabolism of clover, Echinacea and burdock root.
  • Aphrodisiacs is Cayenne pepper, cinnamon and ginger root.
  • Tonic ginseng, strawberry, juniper, chaga.
  • Emetics – Glycyrrhiza glabra, Euphorbia, viola tricolor.

After studying the properties of medicinal plants, will help to understand the therapeutic value of each and how they affect the human body.

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