The lawn at the dacha with his hands

the lawn at the dacha with his hands

The lawn in the country actually plays an important role.

After all, it keeps dust, consolidates the soil, increases the humidity at the site, and in wet weather protects from dirt.

The green color of the lawn, according to experts, a positive effect on the nervous system, relieves tension.

At such a tender carpet very nice to relax. Moreover, the pitch at the cottage as does not hurt to plant it flowers or shrubs.

Lawn and garden with your own hands can spread to everyone. Therefore, if all the construction work at the site is complete, you can do this useful exercise.

The lawn at the dacha with his hands

Start with cleaning of garbage at the site of unwanted weeds and stones.

Real turf as opposed to artificial needs fertile soil, so it is necessary to prepare.

Need the upper layer, which are the roots of the weeds, remove the bayonet spade depth of about 10cm. All the roots go deeper to pull.

Fill prepared area with topsoil and smooth out and pour. After the earth settles, the plot should be leveled, and you can start seeding the lawn. In stores you can also buy a ready-made, turf. Sowing the lawn in the country starting from mid-may to mid-August. It is very important that before the frost the roots are well developed and strengthened.

Seeds are sown evenly in damp soil. Top them a little squeeze. something. Can be laminated with a roller.

The approximate amount of seed the lawn 4shtuki on 1 cm square To avoid washing away the seeds you can use drip irrigation.

After you have sown the lawn at the cottage with his own hands, for it needs care.

Once a year, apply fertilizer to lawns, and watering in the morning or overnight so that the moisture does not evaporate in hot weather.

Your lawn at the cottage will delight with its beauty.

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