The kumquat is a dwarf orange

kumquat - orange karlikowo

The kumquat is a dwarf orange, native to China.

Prefers the subtropics, but you can try to grow it in our band at home as houseplants.

Kumquat propagated by cuttings or seeds. Cuttings can be cut twice a year, but only from the young shoots.

In the spring, from March to April and summer from June to July. The first harvest can be collected after 4 years.

Planted seeds will please harvest only in 10 years. It is better to plant seeds from the fruit grown in our climate. From imported seeds often produce plants with weak root system.

The ground

Be sure to backfill with drainage layer at the bottom of the flower pot. Dwarf orange does not like stagnant water, the leaves turn yellow and begin to fall.

From the top, add soil mix of the following ingredients: sand, sod, ground sheet, humus in equal proportions. Don’t forget about the feeding of mineral and organic fertilizers.

The dwarf orange is quite a demanding plant and needs a soil fertilizer at least one to two times per month.


The most comfortable temperature for kumquat, it is +25°C in summer and 15°C in winter. The tree can tolerate a lower temperature, most importantly, in the flowering period to prevent lowering the temperature below +15°C.

The dwarf orange is very photophilous plant prefers direct sunlight.


Watering the plant should be often but sparingly, be sure to spray a tree, particularly on hot summer days. In the winter it is recommended to water 2 – 3 times during the month.


Young kumquat it is recommended to replant every year. Trees that are more than 5 years are transplanted every 3 years, and more adults can be once in 6-7 years.

To cut the kumquat only to maintain the shape of the crown. Anytime this plant is very beautiful. In the flowering period it is covered with fragrant white flowers.

Later amazing tree covered with Golden fruit. By the way very tasty and healthy.

Healthy fruit smooth to the touch and slightly shiny. Citrus fruit kumquat is rich in vitamins C and A.

As high content of coarse fibers and antioxidants — flavonoids that protect the body from cancer.

Fruits can be eaten fresh with the peel, after washing them and slightly mash with your fingers.

It is necessary for what would be the essential oil separated in the pulp, increasing the use of kumquat. Fresh fruits can be stored up to three weeks in the refrigerator. In the freezer mashed oranges stored for up to 6 months.

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