The kokkomikoza — control measures

the kokkomikoza

The kokkomikoza – disease of stone fruit trees, which causes the marsupial fungus.

Affected mainly plum, apricot, cherry, almond, plum, cherries, Teren.

The kokkomikoza manifests on leaves as small reddish-brown spots separate, they subsequently merge.

The fungus is developing quite rapidly, so at the end of June, early July, causing defoliation.

The absence of leaves, of course, weakens the tree, and in winter can lead to freezing. The development of the disease contribute to the humid summers and low temperature to 20°C.

To combat kokkomikoza conduct a set of activities which involves the destruction of infected and fallen leaves and treatment of trees with fungicides.

These measures are suitable for gardeners who bought a plot with a garden, or already the trees were planted and they were attacked by fungus.

If you just decided to plant stone fruits on his land, for the prevention of kokkomikoza, please take protective measures.

The kokkomikoza — control measures


  • 1. Start by choosing varieties, preference should be given to breeding varieties resistant to fungal diseases. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of developing the disease.

Don’t put seedlings in low-lying and shaded areas. In such places it is usually high humidity, there is a copious fall of dew and fog is often formed. All this creates favorable conditions for the development of fungal diseases.

  • 2. Do not wait for leaf fall, preventive actions aimed at combating kokkomikoza begin to hold in the autumn.

Cut and burn all the dried and damaged branches and leaves. In addition, it is desirable to carry out the spraying of fruit with a solution of nitrogen fertilizers.

  • 3. Take timely pruning to crown formation. Sunlight and fresh, dry air will hinder the development of the kokkomikoza.
  • 4. Old severely affected trees it is better to uproot, especially if these varieties are resistant to fungal diseases.
  • 5. Don’t forget about the spring treatment of trees drugs. In the fight against kokkomikoza well-behaved The kokkomikoza - control measures

    established drugs is made on the basis of copper oxide.

In specialized stores such abound, but preference should be given to the system, which not only act on the surface of the sheet, but also prevent the spread of spores inside it.

  • 6. All of these measures are good in the complex. Each activity separately is not effective enough, so to cope with the disease to be quite problematic.


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