The keeping of bees in populated areas — rules

The keeping of bees in populated points

Almost every year with the arrival of the summer season significantly increases the number of citizens ‘ complaints on their neighbors, which in a country or a plot contains bees.

Most often these requests are not unreasonable. In principle, bees in the settlements do not show much aggressiveness, especially when it begins a massive honey flow.

The majority of people quite normally kept rare bee stings, while not attracting attention.

If the sting is single, he has so much toxic poison to harm a person. The exceptions are people with allergies to the venom of bees.

The keeping of bees in populated points

In the law there are no restrictions that would prohibit the keeping of bees in the private sector.

Developed by a special regulation, focused on beekeeping in the settlements, as well as the organization of beekeeping in suburban areas (17.06.2002 g). There is also a Directive on the prevention and eradication of diseases of bees(17.08.1998).

Judging from the above documents:

  • 1. With the presence of beehives of bee families should be installed at a minimum distance of 3 metres from the boundary of adjoining land of a neighbor’s plot. Thus it is necessary to install a fence with a height no lower than 2 metres.

Or bee hives have to zoom out from the nearby other buildings and houses. In addition, the holes in the hive should have a direction towards the center of the estate of the beekeeper;

  • 2. In the case that a stationary apiary, the hives should be set on special feet whose height should be above 300mm from ground level, the space between the hives should be about 3.5 m, and also between the lines of the rows span must be of the order of 10 m.

For keeping bees in towns, need to install front holes, platform, size 500 x 500 mm. of Garbage and

the keeping of bees in populated points

bee corpses at these sites was collected and burned;

  • 3. Bees must be kept in sound hives. The beekeeper should not leave for the bees honeycomb or products containing sugar;


  • 4. If the apiary will be installed in the locality, it is prohibited to hold breed angry bees and their hybrids;


  • 5. Allowed to keep bees in settlements of no more than two hives at 100kv. M.;

It is also important to know that the reason for the aggressive behaviour of the bees can become the man himself. Bees can not stand the smell of sweat, alcohol, Cologne, sudden movements, theft of honey.

Even in ancient times people knew that a minor bee stings can prolong life and give good health. For all people has one only goal: to violate nature, and to live in harmony with it.

In addition, each beekeeper must know and observe the rules of keeping of bees in populated areas.

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