The hydrangea – planting and care

The hydrangea

Hydrangea is also called creeping because she is a creeper.

The plant is very beautiful and may, in the presence of a support to climb to a height of 25 m

The hydrangea in natural conditions grows well on the coast of the ocean, and on the mountain slopes.

Also this plant can be found in coniferous and deciduous forests. But to see the beauty of the blossom in his garden plot must be properly sited hydrangeas petiolate.

Planting hydrangeas petiolate

Hydrangeas better to plant in the spring. The place where you will constantly grow hydrangea that needs to be covered flows from the sun’s rays and drafts. But full shade should not be, because then abundant bloom, do not wait.

The soil should give a slightly acidic, loose. It is best to make a mix yourself. You need to take a leaf soil, peat and sand in equal parts.

If the plant grew in the container, then planting hydrangeas petiolate must be in the pit, which exceeds the capacity in half. It is important when planting root system to spread.


Slight penetration of the root neck a couple of inches. If the depth is more, the plant will not be able to develop normally.

Around the plant the soil should be slightly compacted to eliminate voids due to which the root system will not get moisture in full.

It is important after planting the Bush is good to shed water, since the hydrangea is a water-loving plant. Depth of watering should be about half a meter. Also consider mulching with peat layer of about 10 cm.

Care for the hydrangea

The plant likes moisture, so care for hydrangea is mainly confined to frequent watering. Enough to water once in two and a half weeks, but very abundant.

Careful watering is necessary in the first year, since the plant roots can’t absorb moisture from the soil. And if in this period, to save on water, the young seedling may die. If the summer is hot, it is recommended to install near a hydrangea spray.

For hydrangeas petiolate need to build support. While pruning the shoots, pruned vertical branches. And to create thick cover, cut the side shoots. You also need to remove weak or dead branches.

As for growing hydrangeas petiolate in the regions of Siberia, the young seedlings for the initial 2-3 years, you need to organize shelter for the winter. Branches are placed on a wooden surface and cover with leaves or pine branches.

For lush flowering and good development of care included hydrangea fertilizer. Their composition should be organic and mineral elements. In particular, iron and magnesium are responsible for the growth and rich leaf color.

The hydrangea – planting and care

The first feeding should be in late spring-early summer. At this time it is best to take chicken manure one part, dissolve in 10 parts water and water the plant.

Also not a bad thing to add to the soil the following mixture: one part urea and potassium nitrate, and two parts of superphosphate. This fertilizer is necessary to make one every six months. Propagated plant cuttings, dividing the Bush cuttings.

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