The Hoya wax ivy care at home

Hoya voskova

Flowering vines indoors – a rare phenomenon.

And bestow the beauty of plants only those with a lot of love caring for them.

If you show a great attention to the ivy under the name of «JOLLA», we can admire her charm, as if poured from wax, blossoms all summer.

The Hoya wax ivy is really capricious plant. But despite this, it is frequently found in domestic offices, where the flower is almost fighting for its existence.

And only the real growers, settling Hoya at home that can give her the opportunity to flourish (in the truest sense of the word).

The Hoya wax ivy

 Location and lighting

But to wax ivy blossom, you need to provide good lighting. The rays of the sun must dissipate not to burn the leaves of the plant.

The best option is Hoya wax to settle near Windows facing West or East. And the direction of «cheated» a plant light, and South, on the contrary, too «pet» creeper.


Wax ivy is comfortably tolerate heat our latitude. So in the summer we can safely take it outside, but by creating a shaded environment.

In the winter indoors, where it will be Hoya, should maintain a constant temperature in the range of 14-15°C. the Plant will suspend their growth, and not be nipped by the frost.

Watering and humidity

Hoya loves moisture, but this does not mean that it is necessary in the summer to stand in the rain. Just the opposite – home Liana watered (sprayed) only separated by water.

And watering in the warmer time of the year is carried out regularly (i.e. not allowed drying of the upper soil layer). During the rest period watering Hoya need in 3-4 days.

This vine loves to swim. Therefore, at least 2 times a year (spring and autumn) Joya should arrange water treatments, soaking the flower pot in the tub with warm water.

Here lower and lianas, the stems kept in water for 40 minutes and return to your seat. Blooming vine bathing undesirable.


From good nutrition depends not only health of the Hoya, wax ivy, but its ability to butanedioate. Therefore, feed plant should be 2 times per month during the period of active growth from March to October).

Any special supplements for vines to use no need. Hoya suitable integrated universal organics for houseplants. Diluted fertilizer according to the recommendations on the package and is payable directly in the ground after watering.

Transplantation and propagation

Hoya, like any houseplant, the «young» age are transplanted every spring. From the 4th year of life, resettlement is undertaken as necessary. Every time ivy, you should take a brand new flower pot, in any case not using the capacity of the other plants.

But to propagate Hoya will not be easy (especially because it can be done all year round). Part of the stem with 1-2 leaves, or cut and put in a glass of water, or stick in the moistened mixture of sand and peat for rooting.

You can propagate Hoya and method of the nucleus of one of the branches. In this case, the new plant will bloom sooner than grown from cuttings.

Pests and fight with them

As JOLLA itself is quite a toxic plant, and its flowers exude a fragrance that can cause severe headache, not every pest risk «to eat» vine.

But with improper care and Hoya can attack the pests (aphids, spider mites). Therefore, if you notice pests of the vine you should bathe in water with addition of soap.

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