The grill with your hands — types and production technology


  • 1. Stone
  • 2. Brick
  • 3. Metal
  • 4. Collapsible

brick grill with your hands

Almost every plot there is a barbecue.

But for the most part he purchased.

And make the grill with your hands not everyone wants and can.

So hard to do it yourself? Let’s face it.

Barbecues are stone, brick and metal.


A stone barbecue. For the arrangement of such a grill is necessary to remove the top layer of sod and to build a Foundation, because the structure will be quite heavy.

Because the form is cylindrical at the stage of construction of the Foundation is desirable to mount the reinforcement mesh. For this purpose it is bend corresponding in shape with a diameter of about 70 cm.

At the stage of masonry work, the middle of jarovnice need to fill in the regolith, not forgetting to pour water.

Also near the barbecue, you need to arrange a place for table and chairs. It can be tiled, but fireclay. Full exploitation is permitted in about a week.

stone grill with your hands


Brick grill. To make the grill with your hands is allowed and made of brick. The design will consist of intended and ash drawer-blower.

Every niche must be separated by a brick around. Masonry work will be accompanied by the installation of area with the same shelves.

This process is performed on the eighth tier. And the next you need to do in brick, the grooves in 4 cm Distance of the indent from the edge of the brick is about 6 cm.

This groove is necessary in order to put the clinker in the shelf area. 9 to 11 the number of form ash pan-the ash pit.

At the level of the furnace (12 series) you can start to build supports for spits. 21 line, when completed work with a furnace, you must install the corner.

24 a number of will be beginning the construction of the smoke box. For this reason, the subsequent numbers should be put on the narrowing. But the back wall remains vertical. At the end of the grill covered with a copper hood.


A metal grill. A perfect base for the metallic variant will be the usual iron barrel. Will also need door canopies, metal wheels, corner and door handle.

Cut the upper part of the barrel grinder, without affecting the ends. The cut off part in the investigation will cover. From the corner cut the strut and fastened to the ends.

Away from him and cut pieces that match the length of the barrel. They will support the spits. The billets need to make the slots guides every 5-6 cm.

Now the lid is welded sheds and pen. The cover will serve as protection in case of rain.


Portable grill with your hands. For that we need such materials: iron sheet with corpulency not less than 1.5 mm, angle, bolts, and tools.

First you need to do a sketch where will be marked all the dimensions of the future grill. The leaves need

metal grill with your hands

to mark places where there will be skewers there are about 8 pieces locations for the vents at a distance of about 10 cm, the height from the bottom should be 5-10 cm.

To bend the side and end walls, it is necessary to make small incisions. And for a more reliable connection of all preparations, you can use screws.

Corners are cut to the required length and attached to the walls with screws. Now you only have to connect all the elements and the grill is ready.

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