The geodesic dome at the dacha with his hands


a geodesic dome with his own hands

A geodesic dome in the country – an incredibly practical and beautiful design as gazebos or greenhouses.

The unusual shape of this building is the perfect way to Express a high degree of flexibility and imagination, especially for those truckers who decide to make a sphere with your hands.

A geodesic dome with his own hands

The dome from an architectural point of view, a unique Villa building, which has a high strength, the maximum usable area and cost of construction materials.

The fact that the load is evenly distributed over the whole frame, so a solid Foundation or solid beams in most cases are not necessary.

Of course, there are exceptions, it all depends on the type of soil on your favorite country. The frame of the geodesic dome consists of a mesh of simple triangles.

Due to its design dome fits perfectly into any garden design and is fast. It is equally well suited for the greenhouse, a conversation, a summer kitchen or children’s play house.

The construction of a geodesic dome with their hands going on about as well as any other suburban development.

Choose the most appropriate place depending on the purpose of the structure, if the greenhouse is in full sun, if the gazebo is better in partial shade, and so on.

Building plot must be freed from all superfluous, if necessary, to level. If a geodesic dome, you’ll put on Foundation, then you will need to mark the land for timbering and digging a trench. If metal piles, this do not necessarily.

Then you can start to put the Foundation and erect the frame. The final step is the glazing or coating of polycarbonate. Interior design and external decoration of the building is a private matter, as the saying goes: «the taste and color …».

The most difficult part for me when building a geodesic dome at the cottage with his own hands, was the product of calculations of a building.

Now in the Internet there are sites with online calculators, there are also a variety of programs, I will describe the information that I had at the time and what I was guided.

geodesic dome

the calculation of geodesic domes

A geodesic dome, or rather its area is calculated by the radius: S= π *r2 . ( π≈ 3,14, r is the radius of the future building). In fact the area will get a little less, it should be considered.

The height can also be different, I did ½ of the diameter. Is the most suitable option for a suburban area, the formula is a little different S= 2 π *r2.

To build the dome is 4 metres in diameter and a height of 2 meters, you need the radius 2×0,61803= 1,23 m. It will turn the length of the edge A. to learn B 2×0,54653=1,09 m from this length will need items for the dome. In total it took A — 35shtuk, B-30.

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