The garden hydrangea — planting and care

The garden hydrangea - planting and care

Original look in the garden ornamental shrubs with large balloons-inflorescences of different colors.

Hydrangea garden pleases with its beauty throughout the summer.

Hydrangea garden — planting

Since this perennial is very fast growing and reaches a height of five feet, it is best to plant in the side garden paths.

Mass planting hydrangea garden will create an amazing hedge.

You need to consider that the plant does not like direct sunlight. So a good option would be the presence of a number of tall trees that create shade, or land on the North side of buildings.

Delicate hydrangea garden and to the soil – it should be quite fertile and friable, with good acid reaction.

The presence of peat in the soil, for example, the plant signals the blue color of the inflorescences. He also responds to aluminosilicate alum feeding.


Hydrangea garden — reproduction

Planting material – cuttings and green cuttings. All operations on the reproduction of hydrangea garden should be done in spring so the plant has time to root and acclimatise before winter.

For rooting cuttings are planted in small ditches at an angle, in a place well protected from the sun.

To create a greenhouse effect you should cover them with plastic bottles. To avoid podgnivaniju leaves on the cuttings hydrangea garden only need to leave on the upper third of the twig.

At this point the plant needs to live 2 years. And then a small Bush of hydrangea can be transferred to a permanent place of existence (again in spring). After planting the ground around the Bush, abundantly watered and mulched.

Care for the hydrangea

For the hydrangea garden need to be fed 1 time per 2 weeks. Thus it is necessary to be careful with choice of regular fertilizing – nitrogen-containing fertilizer use is not desirable.

It is best to buy ready-made «mineral water» for Heather or rhododendrons.

Water the hydrangea garden, you should regularly after 2-3 days, making the water under a Bush sometimes evening or early morning. In this case irrigation water should be warm and soft.

Water, even pooled, is not suitable, the plant may get sick. The best option is to make charges rain water or to use a key, pre-heating it in the sun.

Sanitary pruning hydrangeas you need to spend every spring, removing with the hive weak and frozen branches. Do it better after the swelling of the buds, to make it easier to identify «defective» shoots.

Decorative also do pruning regularly throughout the flowering season by removing withered balls.

The garden hydrangea sensitive to strong frost. So in winter will have a Bush

the garden hydrangea - planting and care

hide in the «coat».

The plant is covered with leaves, and then on top of it is them.

To fragile branches hydrangeas did not collapse under the weight of snow, it is desirable to cover a Bush surround with a wooden box.

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