The garden design

The garden design

You are the owner of a garden plot, and you have the prospect to turn it into a «Paradise».

It is possible to trust the specialist who understands landscape design and can be arranged independently.

After all, you have a clear idea of how it should look.

What is landscape garden design

The word design in the Russian language came from the English lexicon, and it means a plan, drawing, project. Therefore, the design of a garden plot in the traditional sense is a planning area under buildings, gardens, orchards.

But when the harmony in combination with beauty, is already talking about landscape design. Everyone wants to have an attractive garden plot. And for this it needs to blend into the local landscape.

But to create beauty not for one year, you need to have multiple talents:

  • Not having artistic taste, it is possible to create harmony and charm.


  • The garden design should be guided by knowledge of agricultural techniques.


Only the combination of these two factors can turn dry technical planning original and unique landscape design. And it’s not so hard science – if you want you can easily possess it.

The stages of the design of the site

First you need to have an idea of what you want. And, of course, to believe in their own strength. Acting step by step, you will create your own garden design.

  • If you have a bare piece of land, and you are lucky enough to start from scratch easier. But if there are any spaces, buildings, you will have to solve the question: «attached» to it, or to delete everything first, and then the new plan?


  • You should then decide on the style of the entire area. Here give vent to their imagination.


  • Now proceed to «descriptive geometry»: sketch on paper a rough plan of the garden plot, noting on it the available or planned country houses, garden planting, paths. In this case, consider the peculiarities of local relief.


  • Next, go to the composition. Already defined the basic elements of the plot, maybe you want it to add something (e.g., a reservoir). Here already it is necessary to determine the priorities, that is The garden design

    what to do visual focus. At this stage, thought out and colors.


  • The final step is clarifying. To create a common background of beauty and add to it the accents used plants. Trees can become the basis of landscape design and bright colors – the background, which attracts attention and creates a beauty.

Focus on the landscape design of wearing their own, remember that you in harmony for themselves. And then you all must succeed.

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