The garden at the cottage

the garden at the cottage

The garden is the territory you selected in the country for growing vegetables, flowers, berries and so on.

With the right approach and a great desire for the garden in the garden can turn an inexhaustible source of vitamins.

Because many of the vegetables grown in the garden are not only tasty but also very useful.

The holiday cottage and work in the garden, is an active way of life, and very healthy.

Besides, many products are grown on your garden, you can preserve for the winter.

Many novice gardeners lovers don’t have a lot of information and experience on soil treatment and planting.

So better to start with vegetables that do not require professional care. Such as radish, carrots, radishes, potatoes, beets, cabbage, greens.

In subsequent years, with experience and knowledge of the crop will increase, and the range of cultivated vegetables and berries to grow.

The first question that appears in the cottagers first-years is where to start?

First you need to decide how much land to garden area to dedicate to a vegetable garden, garden, flower garden. Next, plan the territory in the country for these purposes.

Then decide what will be planted, to stock up on seeds and seedlings.

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