The flower beds with his own hands on the hill

flower gardens and beds with their hands

A garden is located not on the best lands.

Usually stood out of waste land on the swampy soils with high groundwater.

And here are those lucky ones who got these parcels, had to somehow try to deliver the land to raise its level to reduce humidity, as many garden and garden plants harm.

The whole town to raise to great heights is not always possible, that many savvy gardeners have decided to make the beds, the flower beds with his own hands on the hill.

First, just knocked the bed out of boards, plywood and covered it with earth.

But over the years the gryadochki outside improved, modernized, transformed and looks more like a piece of art and decoration of the landscape.

Honestly flower beds raised beds on a hill involuntarily attract the eye of passers-by with their uniqueness and beauty.

The flower beds on the sky with your hands


To start, determine the location and size of the future flower bed. Their form can be very diverse: round, oval, rectangular and so on. it all depends on your imagination.

Remove the layer of fertile soil about 7-10cm in depth. As drainage fill recess brick chips,

flower gardens and beds with their hands

crushed stone or gravel.

Very well compacted, and then paved the area with river sand and also stamps.

Thus, we get rid of the weeds in our flower bed, and water will not stagnate. Next, make the flower bed or flower garden.

My wife and I decided that our flower bed is this place constantly, so I filled the base height of 10cm and a width of 10cm.

Although it is possible as a basis to lay out a series of bricks, even without the use of cement, I have and these beds have.

And on top made the base we spread a bed of the desired height, using any material: crushed brick, paving slabs, paving stones and so on.

As a binder

flower gardens and beds with their hands

material used cement mortar. I tried to face the wall had a smooth face, although very good-looking and sharp corners.

The structure has turned out to 30cm height 10cm and the wall thickness. When the solution dries, you can fill the soil and plant the flowers.

I for walls flower beds used fragments of paving tiles, of different colors, so additional external design didn’t need it.

The ground is covered in the form of a hill rising from the edges to the middle. Had a wonderful flower bed with his hands on the hill.

Now you can begin to design flower beds. This is perfect begonias, roses, clematis and so on.

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