The Floriana – garden of the plants in the aquarium

the Floriana

A time when the aquarium was opened only for keeping the fish that remained in the Soviet Union.

Today are increasingly found aquariums with growing plants in them – the florariumov.

The main reason that created gardens in aquariums is beauty.

Aquariums now come in all shapes and sizes.

They are made of thin glass, the joints are practically invisible, they look very aesthetically pleasing.

Especially advantageous to look round the aquarium, and plants feel them just fine.

For Floriana will fit almost any indoor plants except the ones that quickly reach large sizes.

Even exotic plants can be planted and grown in aquariums. Here supported the ideal humidity and microclimate is ideal for guests from the tropics.

Of course, we should not forget about the features of the content: what plants need moisture, some sun, some love the drought. So you need to carefully select the types so they can coexist with each other.


Between plants should maintain a distance so they can grow freely.

After decided on the plants, you need to start preparing the soil. On the bottom is filled with a drainage layer of about 2 inches to prevent root rot, then a layer of the activated angle of the same thickness for the disinfection of soil, then the soil is laid with a thickness of 5-7 cm.

When the ground prepared, you can begin planting. In order to track looked spectacular and was not over-saturation, it will be enough 5-7 plants (depending on the size of the aquarium).

You can plant anything you like, landscape Floriana – a matter of taste, but do not forget about the basic rules: the closer, the finer must be the plants. Otherwise, larger instances will be closed. As tools for working with plants in the aquarium take a regular fork and spoon.

The Floriana

The final stage of the organization, Floriana – decorating. For this fit the broken shards, unusual stones, and all that will allow fantasy. With decor it is possible to divide plants into groups, to form a zone.

When the work on the creation of a aquatic garden is finished, plants should be watered, the aquarium cover and enjoy the beauty.

All further care is regular watering. The Floriana will not give you trouble!

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