The fireplace with his hands in the summer house

The fireplace with his hands

A fireplace is called a standard oven, but in which the combustion section is open.

The room is heated with firewood.

The device is not too complex, so has the opportunity to put the fireplace with his hands.

The design consists of a firebox and a channel for smoke extraction. The chimney lay at an angle in order to spark and smoke airflow is not thrown inside the room. Also in cold weather will not get precipitation.

It is necessary to say that it is irrational to use the fireplace as a primary heating system. When heating the fireplace, the room receives only about 20% of the heat, the rest goes up the chimney. And yet the fireplace makes the house more comfortable, cozy and attractive. Where do you start?

Masonry fireplace

First you need to lay the Foundation, since the approximate weight of the fireplace is more than 700 kg. the lower part of the fireplace should be located on the main floor, but it is important to take into account features of the structure.

So if the house is single storied, then the Foundation depth should be 50 cm, for a two-story-from 70 to 100 cm.


For the Foundation use concrete or brick. On the bottom spread gravel, well RAM and level by level.

Now you can build the very base. This requires the formwork to the desired height. Preferably inside to lay the roofing material. Next, pour cement mortar consisting of 1 part cement and 3 parts sand.

On top of mortar is spread and placed the tape. In this state, the formwork is about a week.

Put a fireplace with his hands belong on a substrate, which can be made of several layers of roofing material. The rows of bricks lay level upon each other. It is important to observe accuracy, to the outer side clean.

When laying bricks, the solution should not flow out of the grooves. The first number put on the edge. Verify the evenness of the construction square and level. The angles should be laid at 90°.

Mortar for masonry chimney you need to check for the presence of stones, if necessary, they are removed. As for framing, you need to avoid its touch to the outer walls to avoid temperature surges and destruction of bricks with a strong perekachivanie.

After three lined rows should be placed two pins that will serve as the basis for the grate. The side walls of the portal are being built in half brick. After that, the fireplace with his hands will be laid out, folds fill a decorative solution.

The masonry of the furnace

The chimney and the arch has a curved surface. When they set out a range of brick slip to 6 cm In the holes of the portal make jumpers, they can be in the form of an arch, wedge or vaults. It is recommended to do the formwork.

The fireplace with his hands in the house

As for the firebox, the position of the tubes should be extremely vertical. When the turn comes to masonry chimney in the attic space, the solution should consist of sand and cement.

The use of clay mud is not allowed. The membrane closes the inlet. It protects the wooden beams of the house from the fire.

Despite the fact that the fireplace is fairly complex design, final creation will definitely please the owners of more than one year.

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