The fight with the birds will help keep the grape harvest


a Scarecrow

Growing grapes can be not only an interesting hobby but also a profitable business.

After all, with this delicious berries are easy to cook flavorful wine.

No matter, whether the cultivation on an industrial scale, or simply decided to diversify life in the country, you still have to exert a lot of effort to save the crop.

In any case, you will need to buy a Scarecrow. Ways of dealing with birds may be different. And threaten the harvest they are not alone. It is necessary to understand this in more detail.

Sparrow attack

Consequently, large birds, such as rooks or crows, to scare, frighten or using mirrors. But on the sparrows such measures are not applied. Some prefer to cover the bushes and small fishing net, because the metal is costly.

And it is better to buy electronic repeller. It will discourage birds away from your vineyard. In addition, protect other cultures.



Many people think that chickens are not coming from any threat. But you are very surprised when they help you harvest ahead of time. It is best to secure the landing, having high formation.

The fight against ants

There are many effective gels. Buying one of them, you can cut strips of cardboard, apply them on the vehicle and lay on the ground along the vineyard. If the area is visible nests, stick strips with the gel right into them.

Get rid of wasps

The most basic way is to use an ordinary plastic bottles. They need to cut off the tops. Then they are inserted into the bottom part like a funnel.

In such a funnel, pour enough of something sweet. It could be jam, syrup or water with honey. Wasps will be collected in such traps, but to get out again. There they die.

Method is not very humane. Furthermore, traps have to be cleaned regularly that delivers a lot of inconvenience.

Pest control requires much effort. Because the harvest of grapes – a tasty morsel for butterflies-hives, and to birds, and wasps. Not too nice to come on the site and see there the bushes sclavonie sparrows.

If the grapes are small, birds eat the berries just. Large varieties they peck the fruit, bringing no less harmful. After sparrows usually appear wasps.

Their goal is raschlenenie berries, from which follows a delicious juice. As a result, the branches have only peel. For delicious berries arrive and hornets and flies, and butterfly rash.

Pests that can destroy crops of grapes can be different. Especially dangerous is phylloxera.

If he appeared on the bushes, I immediately need to assess how the affected bushes. If more than 75 percent, then it is better to uproot. For processing you can use the preparation «Konfidor».

Grape mites can be combated by spraying with a solution of Nitrafena. And leafroller helps solution Salona.

Using different drugs in the fight against pests need to be careful. It is best to consult experienced gardeners. Drugs need to be alternated, in addition, they are able to harm the health.

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