The fight against fruit rot (monilia) Apple and pear

fruit rot (monilia) Apple

This disease has two names «monilia fruit rot».

It affects mainly the fruits of Apple and pear, less often of stone culture.

This fungal disease is widespread, and many gardeners met him, he causes rotting of the fruit.

Fruit rot (monilia) Apple and pear

Sources of the disease is not removed from the fruits. With the onset of spring they formed spores can cause a new wave of fruit rot.

A massive display of fruit rot usually occurs from mid-July. The infection is accelerated by high humidity and temperature.

Primarily affects Apple and pear trees with wounds, cracks and other mechanical damage.

The greater vulnerability of the fruits are damaged by the goose and are in close contact with the infected.

Fruit rot can develop at lightning speed in the vegetable store at a temperature of +20°C.

Once infected with moniliasis on the surface of apples and pears formed a small brown spot, which begins to grow and about a week covers most of the fruit.

The pulp thus loses its flavor and becomes loose. Then formed large grayish-white education, which are usually arranged in circles of the correct form.

They form spores – the source of further contamination of the fruit. Under favorable conditions for one summer season can develop a few

fruit rot (monilia) pears

generations of fruit rot.

A large part of the infected fruits fall off, others harden and become black and blue.

In this state, they can pose a threat for several more years. Also there are cases of spread of the disease on the flowers and fruit sprigs.

How to fight fruit rot (moniliasis)

The first rule of all experienced growers struggle with fruit rot, early detection and destruction of affected fruits.

Many novice gardeners do not pay attention to these fruits, and they carry the risk of losing the greater part of the crop.

In the fall be sure to remove mummified apples and pears from the trees, remove damaged branches and collect the fallen fruit. All this must be destroyed.

Storage put only healthy fruits, without visible mechanical and garden pests ( pledoarie, weevils).

Periodically inspect and remove anything that causes suspicion. Chemical suppression of scab and other fungal diseases of the garden, provokes the development of fruit rot (moniliasis).

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