The fence to give their hands

the fence to give their hands

After the acquisition of land under the cottage, the first thing to do is to protect your territory from outsiders.

In order not to spend a lot of money, you can make a fence for the garden with his own hands.

Of course it is time consuming but does not require special training, and is quite feasible for any man.

The fence to give their hands.

First you need to choose the material from which is made the fence to give. It can be wooden, made of steel sheet, brick, concrete and even wicker. The choice is yours.

For example, a good popular fences made of profiled sheet. A fence for the garden is convenient because the material is inexpensive and practical. This fence will close the cottage from the road dust and prying eyes.

To a depth below the freezing ground excavation were concreted and the metal pipe is 60mm. The distance between them is 2.5 meters.

These pillars are welded 3 cross-lag from a shaped tube 20-25mm, which with screws are mounted trapezoidal sheet. Such a fence to give your hands will last you a very long time.

Wood fence is less durable, and the principle of making easier, here welding is not needed. Also bolted to the posts beams, which are mounted on the Board. Wooden fence to give you need to treat to protect from rotting.

Fences of brick or concrete you can do if you thoroughly decided to settle in the country, and are willing to invest a tidy sum.

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