The fence mesh netting with their hands

the fence mesh netting with their hands

First thing after purchasing a suburban area, you need to put in a toilet and to indicate its boundaries.

After that you can proceed to large-scale construction and arrangement of my future garden.

The fast and affordable fence mesh netting, it will not be difficult to put their hands.

Let the fence be even a temporary one, later it is easy to dismantle and to erect a more serious and beautiful, though many like it mesh netting made by your own hands.

The fence mesh netting with their hands

So, the first thing determined Rabitz, it is divided into three kinds: plain steel, galvanized steel wire in a metal braid, also galvanized.

The first is understandable, the cheapest, poorly, under the influence of precipitation will quickly lose their appearance, in other words, will begin to rust. This is a temporary option for a short time.

Two the second for a longer period of time. The fence mesh netting in the braid and still look quite attractive, but the cost is certainly more expensive than plain steel.

Braid is made from polyvinyl chloride, which has a variety of colors for all tastes of vacationers.

Itself mesh fence netting has a different method of manufacture. It can be braided, twisted wire mesh and all-metal processivity.

For installation of the fence mesh netting with his own hands the construction of the Foundation is not required, it is easy enough, so only need the posts from metal pipe or ø60mm profile here on the fan, someone like that or something more affordable.

The height of the columns is calculated so that to hammer in the ground not less than 80-90 cm, though it is necessary to consider the soil.

Distance between fence supports 2-2. 5 meters. Under the posts you need to drill holes motoboom the diameter of the pipe.

Next to the supports are welded as at least four hooks that are

the fence mesh netting with their hands

attached mesh, so flight after flight make the fence mesh netting with their hands.

In another embodiment, it is possible to do without welding, simply by using strips of metal attach the mesh to the posts.

To stiffen the fence over it is possible to reach the pipe, fittings, wooden block, etc.

Erected a fence made of mesh netting with their hands will not shade the garden so plantings can be done beside him, and plants comfortable and the decoration for the fence.

I once fenced plot of 12 acres over the weekend, so wanted to quickly proceed with the other cases, they have a lot of novice gardeners, and summer is short as always.

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