The farming of rabbits in the country

growing rabbits

Growing young rabbits — a very important task for the novice breeder.

In violation of feeding after deposition from the girls they may experience diseases of the digestive system.

Because of this, in the first days of independent life, young animals need to be fed small portions and easily digestible foods.

Concentrated oat and barley need to give in crimped form. The most crucial period of growing rabbits the first 20-30 days after depositing.

Because of diet lose the mother’s milk. Go to feeding rabbits with green fodder should gradually.

Food, from the 15th day of life is given in small portions of about 20 g. in the first day give once, the second increase in two times, and so adjusted to the full rate. This adds a bit of hay.

Waterers for rabbits should always be filled with water, and is available in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Proper feeding ensures the growth and development of the young organism of the rabbit, and is a good prevention of diseases and mortality. Well developed calves do not need much feeding.

Specially fattened rabbits depleted or those who have not reached to a contusion of appropriate conditions.

Among adult rabbit advanced nutrition

growing rabbits

be depleted rabbit after lactation.

In growing rabbits the aim of improving the quality of the meat, not just to gain live weight.

The main task in preparing rabbits for meat, this is for a short time, at minimal cost to obtain maximum number of meat.

High-calorie diet continues for 3-4 weeks. To improve appetite rabbits need to enter into the diet of aromatic herbs: cumin, in small portions wormwood, fennel and branches of deciduous trees.

In the main menu culled grown adults impose cheap food semi-moist mixtures of cooked potatoes and greens, grain, hay, flour, sernauto, bran.

And for growing rabbits depleted of practice steaming potatoes, hay, straw, tree leaves with additives of forage.

The proportion of concentrates should not exceed more than half the nutrient density of the diet. Hay give approximately 50-60 grams per day. Duration of feeding adult rabbits 14-20 days.

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