The farming of broiler chickens

the farming of broiler chickens

The farming of broiler chickens, but does not require certain skills, but the observance of certain rules is necessary.

Many gardeners to spring moving to live in the country and have chickens.

Before autumn could raise chickens young chickens for meat.

The farming of broiler chickens

Chickens usually begin to grow from the first day. Before buying birds, you must prepare the place under cultivation.

For the first time will approach some box or drawer, with walls of 40-60cm., preferably insulated.

One square meter is enough to accommodate 30 broiler chickens.With a fortnight of age, the area for cultivation must be expanded up to 10 heads on 1 m

The optimum temperature of chickens at this age is +24 º C, for per diem of 30 ° C, after one month of rearing, the Chicks in natural conditions, had already set a summer temperature.

In cold growing conditions young chickens boilers develop worse they become inactive, and some die.

If chickens are in a closed area without pastures, you need to provide them good ventilation and daylight is not less than 17 hours.

Chickens can’t see in the dark, so to ensure peace, even at night in the house it is recommended to support twilight.

Bedding made from clean, dry sawdust, which periodically change. Used sawdust is useful as organic fertilizer for the garden. Ventilation should not be replaced by drafts, it is harmful for young.

Chickens broilers grow fast enough to 2-months of age the live weight reaches 1,5 kg. the Optimum age of the chickens 3 months, then grow them no longer makes sense, development is slowing, spending on food increases. To 20-day-old broilers fed like regular chickens: wheat, eggs, oats, wheat. Thus the grain can only be given in crushed form, not more than 60% of the total diet.

Then 20% of the grain better replaced by boiled potatoes. Its comminuted form is added to the wet mash.

Also from 10-day-old Chicks to grown birds begin to add dairy products (yogurt, cheese), and fish scrap at the rate of 5-10g per head.

It is at all practically since birth in the diet add fresh herbs, which also add to the fodder of 6g. per chicken. Great vitamins for broiler breeding there are carrots in powdered form 6g on the head.

The broiler chickens definitely need to give chalk, bone meal for 2-3G per bird. And be sure to add in food you need small gravel (2-4mm), it enhances the motility of the stomach and improves the digestion of feed.

Gravel is added once a week 300g for 100 chickens. Before slaughter within two weeks of the diet exclude gravel.

For birds older than one month increase succulent green feed, and the amount of protein reduce. Thus in any period the water the chickens should always be enough, but not hot 28ºS.

Weekly weight gain of broiler chickens, shows that they are growing.

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