The effect of temperature for plants

temperature for Roslyn

Selection of plants for indoor content is primarily determined by the temperature of the room.

Wrong selection of colors, which can well adapt to the temperature conditions, often lead to frustration novice gardeners.

Maintaining optimal temperature for plants is an important condition for the maintenance of ornamental flowers.

Thermophilic optimum temperature 18°C — 20°C (afelyandra, Coleus, Saintpaulia). Moderately thermophilic, the optimum temperature limit for plants 14°C — 17°C (aloe, aukuba, monstera, Cyperus).

Cold do you feel better at 10°C — 12°C (oleander, rose, cyclamen). Note that in winter, when the heating run, the effect of temperature for the plants is greatly increased.

The distribution of warm flow is distributed unevenly near the Windows the temperature is usually 1° — 2°C below, and on the window sill, especially in large cold 3°C — 6°C.

Therefore, it is better to have on the windowsill cold-hardy: geraniums, camellias, primrose, oleander, hydrangea, fuchsia.

This is still to increase the temperature, it is desirable to take additional measures.

Some growers cover the cracks in the street frame, between the glasses poured the sawdust, covered them with plastic wrap and put asbestos.

You can also between the window frames is carried out with electrical wires attached to them bulbs.

One wooden Windows, with enough space between the frames, install additional shelves with flowers.

There’s also a good idea to hang a thermometer near the plants. Additional measures for creation of optimal temperature conditions necessary to conduct and balconies, even if they are heated.

Balconies should contain decorative plants that endure extreme temperatures, such as cacti.

Because especially in spring and fall, the air on the loggia is heated, and at night the temperature drops.

Creating the optimum temperature for plants, not forget that most decorative colors for normal growth requires fresh and preferably moist air.

Oxygen is essential to plants for photosynthesis. Breathe all plant organs including the root system.

On the balcony and on the windowsill be sure to add trays with water. In the summer, at least once a day to spray the flowers with a spray bottle. Spend airing.

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