The earthworms at home

the earthworms

An increasing number of people trying to start their own business.

Unfortunately, it turns out that’s not all.

The reason for this may be a lot of competition or after the time a person realizes that it is not for him.

Still, it is worth to regard the earthworms as one of the areas of the business? Then this is what will be discussed.

The choice of earthworms

It is necessary to say that for breeding worms don’t need a selection of species. You can start to try to breed such animals local varieties. For this perfect manure worms.

Advantage of their choice is no cost, as well as a perfect adaptation to the conditions of the kennel. Dung and representatives grow quickly. That is why it is best to collect the worms themselves. What do you need?

The earthworms

The first step is to dig a hole, not necessarily deep. There to fill rotted leaves and manure. From top to pour water, but not much. The hole must be covered with plywood or boards.

After about a week in the new house you can watch the «settlers». Next, they need to carefully transplanted into a box together with the ground. If you plan on breeding earthworms as a business, then one square will need about 1 kg individuals.

The important point is the choice of the facility, as its area must comply with the wishes of the owner.

If you have the opportunity to buy Californian worms, they are best grown in a cellar or garage, but definitely heated.

When growing in a shed, you should know that the temperature is less than +4°C negatively affects the life of the «pupils». They just go into a state of hibernation.

If this happens, the breeding stops until spring. But if you want you can do in the winter. In this case the question is about heating and the size of the farm, then they will very quickly increase. The earthworms are not very troublesome thing. It all comes down to creating certain conditions. In particular, the construction or purchase of special boxes.

But it is important to know that each kind of worms need a box of a certain size. For production can be used wood and plastic.

Wooden boxes made of boards 25 mm. Approximate size 100×20×50 cm, although there may be others. In the days of ready box need to drill hole, then install located on a slight slope bars.

Tilt need to waste the worms gently flowed. Other gap we need to close hard tape to rodents could not get inside the box. You also need cover. It is made from planks or plywood. In the lid is necessary to drill holes for circulation.

the earthworms

Plastic containers can be purchased only if the earthworms gives positive results.

No need to make expensive purchases, if the experience is in the breeding not, as the case may not go away, and plastic boxes are quite expensive.

And yet, if these boxes are purchased, they need to make holes in the lid and in the lateral parts. Do not forget about the drain field.

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