The Duroc breed of pig is one of the best for quick fattening

The Duroc breed of pigs

Duroc is the owner of a red suit.

Often just the Duroc breed is used in order to bring a new product to the breed.

Duroc has excellent meat quality.

Duroc pigs have a strong Constitution and large size. The torso is not very long, with slightly expanded and deep.

The size of the body of females, and a boar has almost no visible difference, and ranges from 170 to 180 cm

Pigs ears have elongated and hanging forward. Colour can be all shades of red.

High fertility Duroc is no different. The female gives birth on 9-11 piglets, but the sow very gently takes care of the offspring, well it skamlova.

The animals grow very quickly and during the day, gaining an average of 900 grams. After about six months the young generation weighs about 100 kg

An adult animal can weigh from 280 to 320 kg. the breed is aimed at obtaining meat, with minimal amounts of fat. It is for this breed and appreciate.

First, Duroc was greasy rock, but over time the demand for meat began to grow, and the main characteristics of pigs were changed.

Despite the fact that the breed was developed in USA in the XIX century, the vast Russian pigs are perfectly adapted.

Particularly care for the breed Duroc

The Duroc breed prefers pasture paddock. Pigs can be released into the fresh air in early spring.

On the street animals feel much better. A dynamic way of life contributes to a better quality product.

Thanks to the long legs of a pig without problems overcomes small obstacles. But up to two years, abruptly gaining weight, lose their dexterity. And the strength of their feet, fails and all guarantees endurance.

Positive traits can be called the opportunity for grazing, endurance, quality meat and a calm temperament.

Among the disadvantages it is not high fertility, a tendency to atrophic rhinitis, prefers a predominantly protein food.

But having made the decision to breed this breed of pigs, before a farmer can be a problem, where to buy pigs.

Although the breed is spread all over, completely individual quite problematic to buy. Most often in Russia Duroc crossed with other breeds, with

The Duroc breed of pigs

the purpose of raising offspring.

If you hold an accurate selection, it is possible to obtain offspring with the characteristics of the breed.

To buy the youngsters, you can contact the breeding farm because it give a guarantee that the pig belongs exclusively to the breed Duroc.

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