The design of the gazebo with their hands


To make a gazebo, you need to install a solid frame.

For this purpose, wooden pillars, covered with liquid glass.

Next, you need to choose the appropriate wall for the gazebo.

With this, you can go to the market and look to offer options.

The design of the gazebo and its design

If you want to install wood panels, it is desirable to choose those that are well adapted to the climate conditions.

First and foremost, they must be processed from rainwater, insects and drying out under the sunlight. It is also important to care about the appearance of walls.

They may consist of thin wooden slats nailed rhomboid, to be woven of twigs, with wrought-iron patterns, etc.

Depending on which wall you choose must make a floors: slate, metal, cane, wood, awning.

There are many options, most importantly, be able to navigate in the color scheme and General style of the site. Gazebo should not stand out sharply from the overall picture.

If you choose wicker walls and thatched roof, it should be understood that near the gazebo, too, need to make a few appropriate decorative elements that it does not contrast with a modern cottage. You can install a wicker fence and decorate it with clay jugs.

Curtains for gazebos

If you wish to make the gazebo under the style of Ukrainian huts, it is better to use simple white curtains with embroidery, and inside positioning simple wooden furniture. For modern gazebo designs better fit blinds PVC.

They have a number of advantages and features, which allow you to successfully use gazebo as a meeting place with friends, regardless of the weather outside or time of day.

PVC curtains mounted across the lateral surface on both sides. They are transparent, only the edges are trimmed with durable material brown, black or other color according to the color of the wall.

Due to its properties polyvinyl chloride is a popular and successfully applied to various exterior designs.

In order to regulate the amount of light in the gazebo, the inside of the place bright curtains of light translucent fabric.

You can do without PVC curtains, but in this case, it will have to endure mosquito bites in the summer or the vagaries of the weather. Thus, the beauty of the gazebo should not reduce its functionality.

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