The cycad (sago palm)

The cycad (sago palm)

Birthplace: South Japan. Low plant grows slowly.

Resembles a palm tree. The trunk in the form of a shell. Very light-requiring.

Can live up to 100 years. In the home can grow up to 1 m in height in natural – up to 7m,, in the garden, is 2-3 meters.

Only the age can reach large sizes.

The cycad (sago palm) — care tips

 The location and illumination

Year-round to put on the Windows facing South, West and East — very bright lighting. In summer it is allowed to place the cycad on the terrace, the balcony.

Direct sunlight is not acceptable. In the South window in the heat should pritenyat plants. The cycads may die due to lack of lighting. During the appearance of the leaves can often twist a palm tree, they will dry up.


Spring and summer – moderately — warm: 20-25°C and in winter it is desirable to reduce to 16°C.


Desired humidity. To systematically sprayed. To make sure the water does not hit the area of the barrel-cones. It is recommended to place the cycad in the pan to fill with a wet expanded clay or peat.


It is impossible to prevent waterlogged soil, should be watered moderately from spring to autumn. Let the substrate dry out to a depth of 2 to 4 cm Watering should be carried out only defended soft room water.

For example a warm shower just for the leaves. Avoid penetration of water into the pot.


2 times a month from spring to fall fertilizers for palm trees. Winter — do not fertilize.


It is necessary every year to repot a cycad (5 years). Then every 4 years, changing only the top layer.

Not allowed to wash or shake the roots, the sago palm is not stand. So the plant wouldn’t die from souring soil, not plant it in too large pots.

Use planting mix for trees ( composed of peat, leaf, humus soil), laying on the bottom of the drainage of potsherds or gravel.


By seeds or Department of young children-processes. Seed propagation requires a temperature of 30°C, seedlings a month and a half.

If spikes — the cut to cover for drying charcoal. Plant the shoots in a mixture of sand, peat and leaf soil. Water moderately.

The cycad (sago palm)


Mite spider mites, thrips, and scale insects.


To spot plants and their destruction can cause drafts, dry air, abundant watering, low temperature.

On the roots due to improper care of possible root rot and mold. Then destroy the cycads.

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