The cultivation of white radish

white radish

The simplicity and the early maturing radishes allows it to grow in various climatic conditions throughout a season, even multiple sowing.

Therefore, this vegetable is so often included in many recipes of various dishes in human nutrition.

One can hardly find a summer resident, not hurrying on your site in early spring with the purpose of planting this plant.

Huge selection of radish seeds a different color, shape, and timing of maturation allows to realize any fantasy in landscape design using green plants bushes, and the usual dining table.

The cultivation of white radish

 Varieties of white radish

Along with the many varieties of radish red, pink color in cooked salads, looks great and tender white pieces. Breeders were given the opportunity to get them from special varieties of white radish.

These include Alba, Ice icicle, Wyrowski white, White night, White Fang.

Among them are the mid and early maturing varieties for spring planting. And late-maturing species used during the summer sowing. Methods and techniques of growing the same varieties in any color.

A lot depends on specific versions of all of the conditions of cultivation of radish.

Features of cultivation of white radish

A short growing season allows the cultivation of several receptions in one season. Most importantly, know the requirements, providing the good harvest and to fulfill them.

The beds, with a height of 15 cm, for sowing seeds cooked in open Sunny places, creating fertile soil. What make organic and mineral fertilizers.

A distinctive feature of the radish is the ability to quickly form a flower arrow. Which negatively affects yield and taste. This can be avoided due to the artificial reduction of photoperiod.

Usually this applies to a frame, on which is placed a black film in the period from 19.00 till morning.

When early spring planting of radishes this method is most effective. Modern work of the breeding stations in Europe offer varieties that do not form arrows even at full daylight. Most often, the radish is grown together with other vegetables on the edges of the beds.

Planting depth seed white radish is 2 cm can Not prevent the formation of dry crust on the ridges with the seeds. Radish refers to water-loving plants.

The most critical period in the development of the radish is the time of appearance of the second true-leaf and within 10 days thereafter. At this time begins to develop roots.

The lack of moisture at this point will not allow him to develop and in addition tops and arrows do not grow. Thinning of the radish is white in a phase of regeneration of the two cotyledon leaves.

Extra plants can be used as a seedling and plant in another place. When summer planting of radish need to pay attention to the fight against cruciferous flea beetle.

Its appearance may rapidly destroy the entire crop. In addition to the use of solutions of ash, special chemicals, the best time to cover the beds lutrasilom.

Good precursors for growing white radishes are potatoes, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes. Can not be planted after turnips, radish, daikon, cabbage. The important point in the cultivation of radish is watering.

It is best to conduct it regularly, but not abundantly. By excess moisture the root crack. Especially quickly it occurs after hot weather. If the moisture is not enough, he will always have a bitter taste and firm pulp.

Growing daikon

Very often this vegetable, which came to us from Japan, called a white radish. Maybe that’s not entirely true. Sometimes referred to varieties of radish.

Terms of use of this useful plant, this fact is not so important. Therefore, daikon and currently has become very frequently in suburban areas and available in supermarkets and convenience stores.

For the successful cultivation of daikon on their own site requires choosing the right variety.

the cultivation of white radish

On heavy soils grow better varieties Sagone and Siraiki. On loam varieties Mesige and lung Nerrima, for example.

Ripening varieties of daikon Sasha received by Russian plant breeders, crop yields are not worse and also resistant to strelkovanie.

This variety is grown with the same care as any white radishwill delight your taste the whole family.

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