The cultivation of tulips in the country

the cultivation of tulips

Tulips – flowers perennial of the Lily family.

They have excellent decorative qualities, high biological plasticity, making the cultivation of tulips are engaged in many countries of the world.

The cultivation of tulips

In about 60days before planting prepare the soil. It dig up and fertilize organic and mineral fertilizers.

Planting Tulip bulbs in the country carried out in September, so before the cold weather they are rooted. As soon as the soil will freeze, the plot with tulips need to be mulched with peat (layer thickness 5-7cm).

During the growing season the flowers will need a uniform and abundant watering, which should be done after weeding and soil loosening. Around the beginning of July, when the leaves of the tulips will begin to turn yellow, dig the bulbs of tulips.

For reproduction colors take the nest of bulbs, where a young Tulip bulb became more maternal. Store the bulbs in a well ventilated and darkened place. Occasionally they have to look for the culling of sick and damaged copies.

Under the cultivation of tulips assign a level, open Sunny areas, with deep study, with a slightly alkaline or neutral soil, and necessarily protected from strong winds.

Very well these flowers grow easily in loamy and sandy soils. If the soil under the cultivation of tulips acidic, it needs to be limed (200-400 g of lime per 1 sq. m.).

In light, Sandy soil make manure, compost, humus. In hard add clean river sand (5 to 10 kg 1m. kV).

The best precursors for growing tulips is any flower or vegetable, except nightshade and onion.

Growing tulips can be carried out in the ridges of a width of up to 100cm. Line with tulips in the ridges located at a distance of 20cm from each other, the distance between bulbs depends on their size 5-8cm.

Put them gently submerge in the soft earth to not damage the root of a roller press with a force and screw impossible.

Planting depth of about 3 the height of the bulb of a Tulip. After landing it is good to make nitrogen fertilizer 10g per 1 sq. m.

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