The cultivation of tomatoes in open ground

The cultivation of tomatoes in open ground

In fact, every gardener grows tomatoes in many regions, even in open ground, and this is not surprising, because this vegetable is tasty as fresh, and canned.

Sowing seeds tomato

Seeds planted during the month of March in a special peat pots (this method does not require picks).

The process of planting this order: cups filled with garden soil, extend two seeds at 1 cm and sprinkle the ground.

Planted this way the seeds of the tomato put in a bright place, the temperature mode needs to be in the range of 22 degrees.

With proper care, the first shoots will appear in about a week.

Now for hardening seedlings of tomato, the pots should be put in Sunny place, but the temperature should be reduced to 16 degrees.

At this stage it is important to keep the seedlings from draughts. After a week you should remove the weaker sprout.

Caring for tomato seedlings

By the time to plant tomatoes on land in the open ground, should take about two months. Watering should be moderate. On one shoot in the first week enough a glass of water.

Every two weeks seedlings should be fed nitrophoska (1 tbsp in 10 liters). Will need 100 ml of the composition to the plant. A week and a half make organic fertilizer. Many use yeast fertilizing tomatoes.

The third child is about 7 days before planting seedlings in the plot. Use superphosphates.

In the process of growth in early April, the seedlings must be hardened, to endure the outside, and making sure that the soil was wet. The first few days, the tomatoes should be put in the shade, then you can and a Sunny position.

Transplanting of tomatoes in open ground

Before this period, the seedlings should have more than 10 powerful leaves, but not to be stretched. The area should be Sunny, but closed against the wind.

Excellent precursors for the cultivation of tomato are legumes or root vegetables, but not potatoes or tomatoes.

The soil is well dug and fertilized. To do this, use the compost around 4 kg per square. The bed should be well dug down and shed water.

Seedlings are planted in may, along with peat pots. The gap between the beds should be 50 cm and between seedlings 40 cm

Irrigation of tomatoes in open ground is carried out as necessary. So that moisture does not evaporate the soil should be loosen and mulch.

Flowers fall will be a signal of lack of moisture. This problem is solved by

The cultivation of tomatoes in open ground

help spraying a boron solution.

Further cultivation of tomatoes in open ground is the tying of the plants, watering and tilling the soil.

Around July the fruit will begin to ripen, then they need to feed nitrophoska (10 liters 4 tsp) and urea (on the same volume of liquid 2 tsp).

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