The cultivation of the vine


Vine is a perennial plant.

Depending on the conditions of detention it can live and bear fruit for up to 60-80 years.

To develop normally, to grow and give high yields of grape vine can only when there is sufficient light, warmth and good nutrition, which it gets from the soil.

Conditions for growing vines


For each phase of the development of the grapes need warm various. In early spring, so the buds began to awaken after the winter period the average temperature must not be below 10°C.

For the flowering period to the optimal temperature of 24-31°C. If during this period the temperature falls below 15°C, fertilization will not occur.

For fruit ripening and accumulation of sugar should be 27-32°C, at a low temperature sugar accumulation is much slower, and when below 15°C it stops completely.

Underground and above ground parts of the vine during periods of the growing season and dormancy are also different in demanding to heat.

During the growing season the temperature is above 38°C or below 10°C, has a negative impact on the development of plants, and extreme temperatures in summer lead to burns.

The world

Grapes — very light-requiring culture. When there is insufficient light lengthened internodes, and the leaves turn pale, quickly fall grow slowly. The harvest is greatly reduced, the fruits lose their flavor and color.

Therefore, when planting grapes avoid shadows in the narrow openings between the buildings, under the canopy of the garden trees or walls facing North.

The best place in the country for growing grapes where he will receive more light. A sharp change of lighting has a negative impact on the blossoming buds, they can just die.


The lack of moisture in the soil for vine growing poorly and grows slowly, shoots ripen hard. This increases the likelihood of damage by diseases and pests, and in winter the shrub can completely freeze solid.

Excessive moisture has its consequences. Roots develop poorly, not fully fertilized flowers, fruit rot. For normal growth and development of grapes need about 440-750 millimeters of rain per year.

The ground

The vine can grow on various soils, although the best are lightweight with a high content of gravel, coarse sand and pebbles.

The cultivation of the vine

These soils are well-breathable and moisture, are heated and slowly cooled.

The only drawback is they are poor, so plants need periodic fertilizing nutrients.

For the cultivation of the vine is strictly not suitable for saline and waterlogged soils.

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