The cultivation of sweet pepper (Bulgarian) in a greenhouse

growing bell peppers

Sweet pepper or Bulgarian grown usually seedling method.

The main condition for obtaining high-quality seedlings is a good choice of mixture components for pepper growing in the seedling period.

The substrate need loose, light and rich in organic matter. The main components of the substrate for the seedlings of bell pepper— peat, manure humus and sod land.

Sowing the seeds of the pepper seedlings are determined by the growing conditions, and place. At cultivation of sweet pepper (Bulgarian) in the greenhouse, seeds are sown in mid or late March for 50 – 60days before the date of transplanting of pepper in greenhouse.

Preparation of seeds of sweet pepper (Bulgarian), growing seedlings, the same as the eggplant.

The cultivation of sweet pepper (Bulgarian) in a greenhouse

For heating greenhouses using biofuels and solar energy. If the source of heat while growing peppers is pus, it is heated and a good harvest is guaranteed even in cool summers.

The density of the host plants of sweet pepper, will also affect yields. In the greenhouse the pepper seedlings are planted at a distance 20cm between plants, 30cm between the rows.

Before planting pepper along the greenhouse need to pull the cords parallel to each other. If you have 3 ridges, 2 cord stretched, stepping back 20cm from the edge and one in the middle.

Then planting a shovel or other tool recess 10 – 12cm 20cm across. Prepared holes well watered and planted seedlings of bell pepper (sweet) in this tightly compress the soil plants.

This was followed by mulching around each plant. In hot and Sunny weather, the seedlings of pepper is better to provide shading to plants are better accustomed.

Growing sweet pepper (Bulgarian) in the greenhouse, need to be watered abundantly, but not often (after watering binding loosening).

The first feeding of plants can be carried out through 2nedeli manure, soluble in water (1:5). Subsequent feedings will be every 2 weeks.

In the period of beginning of fruiting pepper feed solution 200 g of ash per 10 liters of water. After each addition of fertilizer should be watered with clean water. After 2-3hours after watering the soil should podrujit.

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