The cultivation of sugar beet in the open ground


1. Choice uchastka2. Sowing svekly3. Thinning

Growing beets

Everything that grows in the gardens, it is useful to humans.

And a number of valuable dietary products beet occupies the last place.

But in order to harvest crops, will have to spend enough time.

Because this vegetable belongs to the biennials are grown year and a half.

Site selection

This Culture is very demanding to land on which to grow. Shaded areas develop it will not.

Therefore, under the cultivation of sugar beet leave sufficient lit areas with fertile soil (neutral or slightly).

Often, this root is grown in the same beds with other crops. Therefore, the soil is usually prepared, based on the specifics of the basic vegetable. If beet is as an independent culture in the garden, it should be noted that the soil is prepared in advance.

At the same time pay attention to the fact: if the earth were made of fresh organic matter, the beets planted in this place only after 3 years.

The beet

The cultivation of sugar beet in the open field practiced only in the southern regions of the country. Before sowing the seeds should be wet. While lay them in spring planting only in moist warm soil, when the ground warms up to 10 seconds.

To sow the seeds of beets should on a flat surface, their closing up to a depth of 3 cm Distance between seed balls must be about 20-22 cm, if beet is as the seal beds.

In self-cultivation of plant culture ribbons: between the lines is 25 cm and between rows is 45 cm.

Often the practice of growing this crop planting podzimny. In this case, seeds are not soaked. In the fall they are buried in furrows up to 4 cm depth, and soil cover on top of the bed still mulch (humus or peat).


Feature beet cultivation can be called frequent thinning. Due to the fact that each of the stems gives up to 5 sprouts. To get quite a good harvest, thinning is carried out in a specific pattern.


  • Start thinning after emergence above ground of the first leaf. The distance between Growing beets

    plants stand about 2 cm.


  • When will the 5th leaf, conduct a second thinning, increasing the distance between individuals less than 4 cm.


  • After a month spend 3-e thinning, dividing the plants in 8 cm This scheme must be adhered to no matter is the cultivation of beets in separate beds, or in the neighborhood of other cultures.


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