The cultivation of squash outdoors

The cultivation of squash

Otherwise, this plant is called «pumpkin plate».

The birthplace of squash is Central America.

Another 3 thousand years BC, this vegetable crop was the favorite on the table of ordinary and famous people of our planet.

An annual herbaceous plant does not cause any problems when growing any type of garden soil and in any climate. Especially now with the availability of modern covering materials.

The ability of effective cultivation of squash can be obtained in the yield of different values from one Bush. Especially interesting are the agricultural practices uniform flow of the harvest throughout the season.

The cultivation of squash

 Site selection and time of planting squash

The beds, or just planting pits should be situated in a warm area, sheltered from cold winds.

In the absence of such places create them using arcs with film or normal plastic bottles. Best squash grow in the fall prepared compost.

Spring warmth that comes from them, and made mineral and organic fertilizers accelerate all stages of plant development.

Therefore, planting’t even germinated the seeds, watering well and covering them with film, you can quickly obtain the necessary first harvest small and tasty squash.

The preparation of seed

Most often the seeds of squash treated with a strong solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes. After this treatment, it is desirable to hold them for days in a wood ash solution, and then another just short in a wet cloth with a solution of any growth stimulator.

In the open ground under the film or plastic bottles, seeds can be planted in late April. Without shelter in the middle of may. In each hole is placed at the two plants.

Even if they germinate all of them do not have to remove. Just need to increase watering and fertilizing. Tear them in achieving any size and eat.

It will be governed by the power of the whole landing. In early June, the ground it is time to move the seedlings of squash planted at home in April. To each well is desirable to put the manure.

The plant is quite a bit bury, and well watered. This triple variant allows planting to harvest without interruption during the summer and early autumn.

And to collect the squash should be regularly, once a week. If this is not done, the bushes slow down the formation of new fruits.

Care squash

The basis for plant care is regular watering and fertilizing three times. The first is made before flowering. For her, using the nitrophoska solution of 1 tablespoon per 10 liters of water.

The second and third feeding squash is necessary in the fruiting period with a solution of chicken manure or fertilizers Ross. Hilling, hoeing planting squash does not produce. Most importantly, carefully remove the weeds and timely remove the yellowed leaves.

Very often, squashes, and pumpkins are planted along the edges of planting other plants, such as potatoes.

The cultivation of squash outdoors

This is well complemented by the possibility of obtaining a large crop, without using a separate place.

Currently, there are wide range of varieties of squash. Among them white, yellow, green, purple fruit.

Directly fabulous the bins will be at your home if you buy seeds of varieties «Disc», «Orange», «Pyatina», «Redeo FI» and others.

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