The cultivation of spinach in the open ground

Spinach vegetable cultivation in the open ground

Spinach vegetable is known to many gardeners.

This annual plant appeared in Russia about 170 years ago.

Since then, because of the taste, this culture is loved by many, besides it is rich in mineral elements and vitamins.

The cultivation of spinach

The soil under the cultivation of spinach in the open ground in the country it is desirable to prepare in advance the fall.

The area under sowing dig over on a bayonet of a shovel, while make organic fertilizer, if necessary, if the soil acidity is high, carry out liming. In the spring before planting add urea and spend loosening.

Culture cold-resistant, already at a temperature of 5°C the seeds start to arise. Seedlings can withstand short-term freezing to -7°C.

While the ideal temperature for proper growth is around 20°C. If the summer is very cold or hot, to obtain high yields will be difficult.

Care of spinach in the country is quite simple: the soil should be regularly loosened, weeded, if necessary, fertilizer and evening watering.

If the shoots were thick, the better to make the thinning, the plants do not oppress the neighbors. The ideal distance between the outlets is 6-7 cm

Spinach Matures quickly enough to enjoy its taste throughout the summer, seeds can be sown every 10 days or use varieties with different ripening period. To obtain yields in the early stages, and spinach can be grown in a warm greenhouse.

In case of late sowing or in dry weather, often there is the stooling of spinach, so this does not happen, the plant must be watered abundantly.

Spinach vegetable quite actively accumulating nitrates, it is necessary to consider, and not to overfeed the culture fertilizers. The excess will not benefit you.

The ripeness of spinach in the open ground on the average occurs in the month, but with the regrowth the first 6 leaves, you can begin cutting. Tighten with the cleaning is not necessary, as when turning leaves become rough.

Pests and diseases spinach vegetable

Unfortunately, like many garden plants, spinach suffers from the attacks of pests and diseases.

One of the first on the leaves can be used to detect false mealy dew. Infected leaves have to be removed.

To avoid outbreaks in the future, you need to observe crop rotation.

the cultivation of spinach in the open ground

You can’t grow spinach in the open ground in the same place earlier than in three years, and it is not recommended to thicken the crops.

Pests of plants can fancy: aphids, caterpillars of cabbage moths and scoops range.

Caterpillars have to collect manually, and aphids can get rid of the infusion from the leaves of tomato and tobacco.

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