The cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes how to grow tomato seedlings


  • 1. Preparation of seed
  • 2. The cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes
  • 3. Conclusion

The cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes

Tomatoes belong to the thermophilic plants. This vegetable culture is the long period of its development.

Therefore, in order to catch up to the cold weather to harvest tomato seeds to plant is required during the winter. In other words, without seedling method gardeners can not do. But first have to deal with the seeds.

Preparation of seed

Gardeners to plant tomatoes in the country are prepared in advance, dealing primarily with the preparation of seeds. The quality will be this stage of the work, the cultivation of tomato seedlings will take place with a high percentage of germination.

  • First, a calibration is the selection of tomato seeds. To separate the scrawny specimens from the full-length, it is necessary to prepare salt solution – 2 tbsp per 1 liter of water.
  • In the land taking only those seeds which sink in water. They are washed with clean water and dried. Surfaced can be safely discarded.


  • If seed material were not pre-treatment against pests and diseases, it is necessary to decontaminate:

— the easiest way to do heat treatment, soak for 1 hour in hot water (50°C);- for etching used chemicals – sulfur, red lead, potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide.

  • The pelleting of seeds in order to provide more robust seedlings. To do this in a metal drum fill and small organic mineral mixture, mixed with the seeds and some time the container is rotated.
  • For best and fastest germination should be stratification of the seeds, changing their condition of rest. By placing the sowing material in any moist substrate (like sand), sealed and sent to a month in the fridge (lower division).

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When the turn comes to planting tomatoes, they are first moistened and treated with growth regulator. The wetted seeds in a single layer laid on a damp cloth and waiting for them to hatch. At this preliminary stage can be considered complete.

The cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes

Tomato for development should provide a comfortable temperature – at +15°C, they can stop your growth. So the cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes should be held in a greenhouse where the temperature does not fall below +20°C, or at room conditions.

For each type of crop has its own sowing of the seeds:

  • low-growing plant in the ground in March;
  • to grow tall, lianopodobnyh start since mid-February.

Seedlings boxes prepared in advance – first, do the drainage, then fill zemlesmes. Shallow holes in the ground are placed on equal distances from each other.

They invested hatched seeds. Cover with soil (sifted) and cover with plastic wrap.

A box of future seedlings should stand in a fairly warm place. The warmer will be in the room, the more often you should be watering (from 1 to 3 times a week).

Together when you see the first shoots, the film is removed and the box moving closer to the sunlight. I should take care of additional lighting. For example, in the phase stems «loop» lighting should work all night.

To grow tomato seedlings should be in a well-ventilated area that gives the bushes the correct hardening. But the shoots should not get into the stream of drafts – this can lead to their illness ( and possibly death).

You should also look to the leaves of the seedlings do not get stuck flakes from the shell of seeds. They will need to gently remove with tweezers, pre-moistened.

As soon as the sprouts well enough stronger, seedlings dive. It is better to prepare for this, some peat cups with them and then the seedlings can be sent to the open ground.

But it’s perfect and plastic containers (cups or cut bottles), which also should be provided with drainage.

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In cups, the seedlings will develop for some time. Outdoors it is usually planted tomatoes at the end of the 2nd month after the beginning of planting. All will depend on the class but for reference, take the number of full-fledged leaves on the Bush they should be 6-7 PCs


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The cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes

Proper cultivation of tomato seedlings – this is the absolute key to a great harvest. Provided, however, if they met all the conditions of planting and growing crops in the open ground.

Planted in the ground seedlings should be in a period when there is no threat of frost.

Video — planting seedlings of tomatoes. Errors when growing.


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