The cultivation of seedlings of eggplant

the cultivation of seedlings of eggplant

In Russia, eggplant is grown mostly seedling method with a pick or without it.

Good seedling eggplants grow in separate pots because when you transplant the roots are well preserved.

The cultivation of seedlings of eggplant

For seedlings preparing a nutritional mixture of loam and compost 2:1. Seeds of eggplant were sown in a box in rows at a distance of 3cm.

Pour let stand to room temperature water and cover with a protective glass or film. Before the emergence of seedlings of eggplant air temperature under shelter need to maintain about 24-26C., after emergence, it is desirable to reduce to 12-16C for a week.

Eggplant after the appearance of cotyledons, you must dive in peat pots.

The temperature of growing seedlings of eggplant room on the windowsill, but keep in mind that it is lower than the room by a few degrees. Night better to remove them from the Windows.

Also adversely may affect the seedlings of eggplant warm air from the radiator it is advisable to put a protective screen.

Growing seedlings of eggplant, watch for soil moisture, she loves the water, but the land should not be too wet.

Well the seedlings of eggplant to feed phosphorus – potassium fertilizers. First time feeding it is necessary to hold on the 9th day after the pick.

To do this, take 30g superphosphate and 200 g of wood ash, or 15 g of potassium salt per 10 liters of water. The following fertilizing seedlings of eggplant is carried out on day 18 after the first.

Ammonium nitrate and potassium salt (15g) was dissolved in 10 liters of water. After feeding to water the seedlings only need clean water pooled.

Growing seedlings of eggplant, do not forget about the hardening. For this 8 days before transplanting her stand on the street or the balcony, that there was no wind and the temperature was not below 13C.

The eggplant seedlings are ready for planting if it has 8 — 9 true leaves, height 15-25cm, and has single buds. All of this should appear on 55-65den. Grown seedlings, one plant in the nest.

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