The cultivation of seed potatoes

the cultivation of seed potatoes

The most common method of planting potato tubers, but every year accumulate the seeds of the disease are being depleted, so the yield of potatoes feeds and increases the number of crops infected with various viral, fungal and bacterial diseases.

Planting material should be updated every 6 years.

For this you need to grow potatoes from seed. Potato seeds seedlings can be bought in a specialty store in your city.

Well read the information on the bag. Seed potatoes can be divided into three types. Early-maturing varieties yield 50-65 days, mid 80-95 days, medium varieties typically 95-110 days.

Select the most suitable seed potato. Many gardeners grow potatoes from seed of different varieties. Early to dig in the summer and late fall.

Growing potatoes from seed.

Very good and reliable method of growing potatoes from seed seedlings. This applies more to the Northern areas of South possible planting directly into the ground.


Seeds seedlings beginning to be sown in late March — early April. (depending on variety). Before sowing seeds soaked in water for 36-48 hours.

In the planting boxes seeds are placed no deeper than 1 cm Earth needs to be moist. Then cover them with glass or plastic and put in a warm place. When you see two true leaves, seedlings dive potatoes.

Planted in the ground not earlier than 40 days and when there is no threat of frost. While the seedlings of potatoes is taken, it is necessary to protect against external influences with the help of Doug and covering material.

Potato planting seedlings have 5-6 leaves. It is better to plant according to the scheme 70×10 cm In this case, the number of mini-tubers obtained more and you will have a beautiful and updated seed potatoes for next year.

Growing potatoes from seed, do not forget that it also needs care and regular hoeing between the rows, earthing up, irrigation and processing from pests.

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