The cultivation of rhubarb on the plot

Growing rhubarb

Currently, there are about 1,500 types of vegetables used in human nutrition.

Many of them become constant on the dining table of many people. But some of it is undeserved appear rarely.

Moreover, there is a periodicity in their use for hundreds of years. They actively grow, then they completely forget.

It is to such vegetables include rhubarb, taste and medicinal properties which are known for a very long time.

The cultivation of rhubarb on the plot

Fortunately, this plant can be found not only in random plantings in suburban areas, but among the huge industrial plantations.

Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tula, Voronezh region and Ukraine can be proud of the cultivation of rhubarb, used as a medicinal plant.

Propagation of rhubarb

First we need to choose the variety of rhubarb from a long list of all available options. For a small suburban area, it is desirable to choose varieties with green and red stems, with different ripening times.

For example, on an industrial scale is now grown rhubarb 30 different varieties. Among them is Victoria, a Gigantic, Cherry-red, Canadian, Moscow and many others.

For the propagation of rhubarb is used the seed method and by division of rhizomes. In the latter case, well inherited varietal characteristics of the mother plant.

For this purpose, use the Bush at the age of 5 years, has a large number of growth buds. It is divided into parts containing 2.3 buds, slightly dried in the sun to prevent rotting during irrigation and in August planted in the fertile soil prepared to a depth of not less than 8 cm.

Finely planted rhizomes of rhubarb, you need to pour the soil immediately after emergence. They should not stick out of the ground.

When seed reproduction of rhubarb it is best to plant fresh seeds in a prepared garden bed before winter. The value of their similarity is small. Germinated seeds can be planted in the spring and in the wet furrows to a depth of 3 cm.

After appearance of two leaves, carefully thin out the seedlings. Plants cultivated rhubarb is transferred to a permanent place in September.

Care for rhubarb

With proper care the plant can grow in one place for 15 years. But if you plant and forget about it, the stalks lose themselves useful qualities, become thin and has a bitter taste.

The process of care for rhubarb simple. Most importantly, know that it needs to grow in fertile soil with regular watering. Early spring awakening and growth of plants requires the careful application of n fertilizers. This is best done in March according to the latest snow.

Young seedlings need to be regularly fed with fertilizers. Usually do it 1 time in 10 days. Organic fertilizer

The cultivation of rhubarb on the plot

make planted rhubarb once in two years.

Only in the second year of growing rhubarb you can start to use the cuttings, leaving the Bush half of them.

Stalks better to remove, leaving one of the most powerful to collect seeds if needed. Their rapid growth strongly suppresses the development of succulent stems.

Placing, only 5-10 rhubarb bushes of different varieties, not only to spring vitamins, medicinal roots, but also to try a rare dish from the kitchen of Asian countries from its unopened buds.

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