The cultivation of rhododendrons in the country

the cultivation of rhododendrons

The cultivation of rhododendrons is no easy task.

To ensure that they grew well and bloomed delighting you with its beauty you need to follow some rules.

You should start with the selection of a site for rhododendrons — this should be a little shaded area near water.

But they should not be located in the basin, which can stagnate the water.

The territory for growing rhododendrons, you need to protect from the cold wind. Suitable for the cultivation of the soil has a high humus content and well aerated.

Great for rhododendrons mixture of peat and sand or peat soil. Rhododendrons are grown well at pH 3 -5.

For planting these flowers to prepare the pit. With a diameter of about 70cm and 50cm. depth. The hole for planting rhododendrons fill prepared mixture of acidic peat, river sand and sawdust (2:1:1).

Also in this mixture for growing rhododendrons, you need to make a complete fertilizer 50g on 1vedro of soil and 10g of sulfur.

For planting is very good to use 1-2letnie plants, although it can be older. Planting is performed in spring, at the beginning of the growth of young shoots, if the seedlings were grown in open ground, you can plant rhododendrons in September.

Seedling of rhododendron with a lump of earth is left in the pot with water for 10 minutes. Then placed in a prepared hole, to the top of the root ball, which must remain on the surface level. Bury the root neck or rhododendrons will cease to bloom, and can and do die.

Around the seedlings form a cushion from the ground, and carefully pour the water until the thief until it is absorbed. After 2 weeks of soil around rhododendrons leveled, leaving a large hole for water retention.

When planting groups of plants the distance between them leave about a meter, if the bushes 2 meters tall.

Fertilizing rhododendrons are carried out 3 times per year. In early spring the feed is carried out with a mixture of acidic fertilizers: ammonium sulphate, potassium sulphate, superphosphate and magnesium sulfate (9:4:10:2) on 1 m 100g.

Also this mixture is made in the end of flowering in July. Also very well fed at the end of flowering rhododendrons and in July of mixtures of mineral fertilizers for rhododendrons.

For liquid feeding 10litrah dissolve 20g in water. Do not interfere, and organic fertilization in the form of peat or rotted manure (fresh) in early spring and in a small amount (0.5 kg on a water bucket).

Rhododendrons are watered 2-3 times a week, on 1vedru on the Mature plant, young bushes half a bucket.

When growing rhododendrons conduct soil mulching with sawdust or fallen pine needles, hoeing not to damage the roots of the conduct prohibited.

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