The cultivation of radish (radish) in the country and care for him

the cultivation of radish (radish)

Seldom who from gardeners do not grow potatoes on the country.

Moreover, it is not only delicious, but also useful.

Be present at our table radish maybe the whole holiday season, starting in may and ending October.

All of course depends on weather conditions, but if you grow this plant in a greenhouse or a greenhouse, all in the hands of the gardener.

In form and color, radish can be varied: round, conical, white-red, purple and so on. Cold-resistant plant, the vegetation period from 20 to 30 days.

Growing radishes and care for him

Radish likes fertile, friable soil, open Sunny areas and regular watering. Grows poorly on acid and heavy soils.

It is not recommended to plant this crop next to the cabbage for common diseases and enemies. Does not tolerate fresh manure and thickening landings.

As with many vegetable crops, land for planting it is better to prepare in the fall. Percapita to a depth of bayonet spade, make a ¼ bucket of humus on 1.m. and remove all the roots of weeds.

Spring again dig, break up large lumps of earth, a rake to level the bed. Radish seeds for cultivation soak in water is not necessary.

They can sift through a sieve with hole ø1,5mm., which does not fail, it is useful for landing.

Then in the garden preparing grooves with a depth of 2 cm, which are shed with

the cultivation of radish (radish)

teapot solution (infused day) from the ash (2 cups) and humus (1 handful) in a bucket of water.

When sowing seeds of radishes follow a distance of approximately 5 cm for large varieties of 7cm. the Distance between rows 15-20cm.

So it is possible to grow radishes on the edges of the beds of other crops like onion, lettuce, etc., but in this case, the distance between plants increased to 25cm., to avoid shading of the main landings.

In a greenhouse radish grows earlier and has a less pungent taste. For planting radish it is possible to allocate some land and to plant at intervals of 7-10 days, then a fresh crop will always be on your Desk.

After sowing, seal the soil and cover with plastic wrap, this will ensure a fast and amicable shoots.

The optimum temperature for plant growth +15 º C, although it starts to grow already at 3 ° C. Tolerates frosts up to-2ºC.

If seedlings are too close to each other, this will lead to the flowering of the plants, the roots will not be formed.

Therefore, at the stage of 2 leaves grow around the bushes need to sit down or to weed.

Special care culture does not require, simply loosening between rows, weeding and watering.

In this case, if the soil is prepared in advance. Need to be watered abundantly 10l. water on 1.m.

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