The cultivation of nasturtium seeds

The cultivation of nasturtium seeds

Originally this is a wonderful plant from South America.

In those conditions the plant is grown as a perennial, and it can bloom throughout the year.

But the Russian winter nasturtium deprived of this opportunity.

Therefore, the local gardeners used to grow annual plants that delight with their blooms all summer. But many gardeners are interested in how correctly the cultivation of nasturtium seeds.

The good news is that most types of nasturtiums can be grown from seed without seedling method.

The advantage of this method is to save energy, time, and the plants get less disease. But in this case flowering will start only in mid-summer.

And yet, where to start? Nasturtium seeds should be planted in may, but it is important that the land was already well warmed up.

First, seeds must be filled with water at a temperature of from 40 to 50°C for half an hour, then leave for another day in the water. This is to ensure that the peel is softened and the germ intensified.

The hole deepen to 2 cm with a distance of 300 mm, laid out on two seeds. The first shoots will appear after a couple of weeks.

It is important to know that for emergence of a dangerous cold snap and frosts, so you need the construction of the greenhouse. Need to be watered with warm water each time to cover the film. And around the beginning of June, the shelter can be removed.

Further care

It is the cultivation of nasturtium seeds is not difficult, but further care is weeding. But if the garden mulch, weeding is not required. As for watering, it is very important at the beginning of the growth.

But when the plant will bloom, reduce watering and is carried out after drying of the soil. Very wet soil will grow herbs and flowering will be insignificant.

If watering is insufficient, the stems of the plant will be drawn out, the leaves are small and yellow flowers and buds will fall off.

The problem can be resolved through application of mineral fertilizers, removal of dry shoots and ovaries, and regularly watered.

Before the nasturtium will bloom necessary to make fertilizer every week. Use phosphorus-potassium fertilizer. Nasturtium does not need nitrogen fertilizer.

To carry out the cultivation of nasturtium seeds in the following year, leave some of the ovaries. The fruits ripen after about 1.5 month after the appearance of the flower. In its place will appear the fetus inside of which is a three seed.

After ripening of the seeds fall off, so to prevent self-seeding, you need to follow the maturation. Even if weather conditions prevented collect ripe seeds, you can hit the green and get them to ripen.

For this purpose they are dried for 1-2 months at room temperature, not forgetting to stir.

Disease of nasturtium

The plant is affected predominantly bacterial wilt. It can be seen in the lower leaves, which gradually wilt, leading to wilting of the whole plant.

The cultivation of nasturtium seeds

Also nasturtium may be covered with gray mold. It appears on leaves in the form of dry brown spots. Occasionally the leaves may appear mosaic divorce.

If any of the above diseases it was found that diseased plants and remove and burn necessarily. Healthy bushes are sprayed with special tools.

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